Another size and placement mistake.

I've been a longtime fan of Threadless, and have bought my fair share the t-shirts, but it's getting harder and harder to pull the trigger. The designs are still great, but their size and placement keeps me from purchasing the vast majority of desired shirts.

I'd really like to see the designs scaled back to be comfortably framed on a persons body, and this shirt is no exception. Why put the top of the design along the nipple line. It looks extremely awkward. Aside from that, I'm not a fan of wraparound designs.

It's a shame, because there is so much great art to choose from, if only the execution followed at least some principles of design.

Rant complete.

Watch this

I say blame the designers, they give out templates and pictures to use as guidelines. But many can't seem to understand how a design gets slightly distorted when it applied to a textile, let alone someone's body.

And some think radical placement creates a fresher look, I say if the design failed to begin with it doesn't matter where it's placed.

But I can see where it becomes frustrating.

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