I Think I Have A Magazine Problem (AKA Whatcha Readin'?)

I have what my girlfriend calls a "magazine fetish." If i could ingest them and live off the print dye i would.

Since I know longer have the time really or the patience to sit through an entire book (sad, i know), I love finding magazines with short-form or long-form articles and stories.

I love well-written magazines that tell me something about worlds I never knew existed or other parts of them I have yet to explore or know about.

I just read my first Popular Science and it's the best layman's guide to cutting edge science and awesome random new discoveries I have seen in a while. I also love and usually read every week/bi-week/month:

Time (for my slight left news bent)

Newsweek (for my slight right news bent)

Game Informer (horrible review scoring system, but great for real game info and fun facts about game culture)

Retro Gamer (Amazing English magazine investigating the tales and folklore of early videogames, old reviews, new revies of old games, stories behind the making of immortal games and tons of other fun stuff)

Rolling Stone (love the random fascinating stories and the political writing, Matt Taibbi is our generation's Hunter Thompson)

Atlantic (A new discovery for me, just a nice selection of information and viewpoints)

The Economist (Pretty much a magazine not meant to be read cover to cover, each issue would take a month to read, but argueably the best print magazine detailing the best of the world's stories politically, financially and culturaly)

National Geographic (The best cultural photography each month, and some great scientific stories and discoveries)

Adbusters (The "Fight Club" of magazines, just an interesting artistic dissection of one topic each month, culture jamming, and ways to mess with modern society and possibly, maybe, make it a better and more caring place)

What's some of the magazines you read? I'm always looking for more, more, MORE!

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I subscribe to Spin, Shonen Jump, Teen Vogue and Nintendo Power.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I enjoy Spin sometimes, I liked it more a couple of years ago, it's a bit more generic and trendy now. It used to be mega-uber-smartass but i guess that wasn't selling enough issues, I miss the back page with that crazy dude named Sean.

Do you really get Nintendo Power? hehehe. I read that as a kid, i think i still have the first issue with mario 2 on the cover in claymation form.

What's Shonen Jump?


Yeah, I really get Nintendo Power. :)
Shonen Jump is a bunch of serialised manga made for boys. It's my guilty pleasure.


Inc magazine
business week
fast company
computer arts magazine
and arena magazine (Its basically the thinking mans gq or playboy).


I read Maclean's, which is sorta like a Canadian Time or Newsweek. I used to read Time as well, even as far back as grade 6 or 7, but I grew tired of all of the American political coverage and annual "Was Jesus a Real Person?" issue.

I like Vice too...I pick it up whenever I can.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Inc magazine and fast company are cool mags, I just gotta pull the trigger somewhere so i don't spend like more than 100 bucks a month on mags.

Wired is cool too, a more complex and "cooler" Pop Science right?

Hmm, gotta check out Arena, always in the mood for a smart and sexy magazine!

I can't fucking stand those soft-core porn mags masquerading as hip modern men who fake their way through conversations like Stuff, Maxim, Things, Aplha Male Asshole Weekly, etc.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

but I grew tired of all of the American political coverage and annual "Was Jesus a Real Person?" issue.

HAHAHAHAHA! They do have that article once a year, don't they? My roomate gets both Newsweek and Time and that's why i mainly read them. Time has turned into much more of a pop culture mag then it used to be, it's so sad. I used to read Entertianment Weekly, but it has tuirned into such a tabloid rag over the last decade or so, I used to read it when it had the lowercase "e" too! It used to have intelligent discussions about the pop culture world, that is now way gone.


I subscribe to Smithosonian, MIssouri REview, one Story, Radar (which just closed)

Through work I get Pink (for female women in business) And a couple healthcare business trade mags.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha, you gotts knoew your enemy man in regards to Time. I like reading that and Newsweek (like i said, my roomate gets tham and then i steal them and breeze through them, their pretty quick reads both) just to see what both sides are thinking, and yeah, Time like i said has gone exceedingly downhill in the last few years.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's fascinating to me just how many magazines and little niches they fill and info they spread among us. The Smithosonian magazine is really cool too the few times i've read it. What was Radar? I hate when a good magazine goes out of print...


You might like one called Mental Floss, it is full of short articles about random topics to make you smarter. It could be about the history of the Olympics or the inventor of velcro or anything else they think is interesting!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

interesting, i never knew that time and newsweek and slightly opposing political bias.

i used to read TIME every night before bed. i like it a lot more than newsweek. i just liked how the content was laid out in it more, i guess?


Radar was like if the New Yorker had a kid with Us Weekly, gossip rag but really intelligently written, so a lot of fun. It also had a lot of good articles about stuff like gangs in the military.

One Story is great, it literally sends one fiction story each month.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

never tried the economist, though. i'm intrigued.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Lily, that sounds awesome! I'll have to check that one out, do they sell it at most major book retailers aka Barnes and Noble?

DFD, well, Threadless IS a wealth of info sometimes. During the political season we had a ton of interesting and well-informed convos.

But yeah, it doesn't take the place of proffesional researched written knowledge...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Sonmi, yeah, it became more obvious the the last two years with tier political coverage and where most of the main commentators of the opposing mags mapped out their viewpoints. And Newsweek gave at least two mag covers about Cindy McCain and "her story" in the last half year! lol. Neither are overwhelmingly left or right, but there is a definite bias for both mags. And yes, Time is DEF laid out better. But Newsweek has the dignity index, where they detail just how far people will go and strain their credibility and self respect which i think is delightful.

Sonmi, yeah The Economist is super good. So much info, so i pick the pieces that seem most interesdting to me. It's basically a world newspaper.

Radar sounds fun. I'm not a fan of gossip mags because honestly i could give less than a shit about what vapid, talentless people are wearing or dating or partying at or fueding with some other person i don't care about (and sometimes even the talented folks!), but your description intruiges me.

One Stroy sond interesting too. So many new mags to check out!


I only have 3 magazine subscriptions.

Game Informer


Yeppers! You should be able to find it at any major booksellars. I work at a little independent bookstore and we even have it. :p I think it might be bimonthly though; so if you don't see one out right now, look again in a few weeks!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

omair, Filter is a music magazine isn't it? Is it better than AP, which i only bought cause WB and my winning collab were featured in it and then I read through it and realized it's pretty much all about the screamo derivative so-co bullshit that passes for modern rock nowadays (I mean, Fall-Out Boy and Chemical Romance are their idols of that mag). Egads.

lily, I'm all over that and will report back on this blog when i get it, so thanks for the heads up!

SnakeMan profile pic Alumni

just sports illustrated.


Wired, Remix, EQ


Portland Monthly
and random Japanese fashion magazines (like FRUiTS)

love boat captain

GOOD magazine... it's my new addiction!
and if you get a subscription, they give the money a charity that you choose (out of 10 or so)... pretty nifty!


You might also like Biography too, I picked it up once and enjoyed it a lot - it is what it says. But I like reading about peoples (and what made RADAR fun wasn't that it was gossipy, it was that it was snarky and would 'break-down' a celebutante and our fascination with him/her) It had a great article profiling Tyra Banks against Jim Jones and showing the similiarities in their actions.


i have zero magazine subscriptions for a few reasons
1. i compulsively love them and get too many
2. trying to save trees
3. i work for a place that publishes journals

i do enjoy SIMPLE magazine quite a bit

did you ever read GASTRONOMICA? that's still one of my favorites that we publish here.


Wired is a pretty sweet magazine and I'd agree its cooler than pop science. Pop science is nice and all but wired is alot more fun.

Arena is still a softcore porn magazine to an extent but their focus is more on luxury goods and what not, they also avoid doing joke sections and that type of thing but you'll have trouble getting hold of it because its a british magazine.


P.S I love magazines, I prefer it to reading books because there always up to date with the latest news and unlike the internet their a reliable source.

I've never been all that interested in reading fiction, I prefer to read about fact or at least theory. I'm just not that interested in stories the closest I usually ever read are history books but their far from narrative.

I just wish i had the money and a permeant address.


I am a big trian guy so the mag i get myself is Classic Trains.. Then I just steal my dads regular Trians, Model Railroader, N Scale, and N Railroader.


I remember you telling me about it, I can believe it I imagine the guy who does the travel with my penis article is a bit of a dick but I have to admit I like the magazine.

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

At one point I had subscriptions to Game Informer, Entertainment Weekly, SPIN, and GIANT

currently I have none

sonmi profile pic Alumni

Sonmi, yeah The Economist is super good. So much info, so i pick the pieces that seem most interesdting to me. It's basically a world newspaper.

awesome! i'll probably pick up a copy this weekend.

boysbeambitious on Nov 21 '08 at 2:26am
Portland Monthly
and random Japanese fashion magazines (like FRUiTS)

i used to read FRUiTS a few years ago! i had a subscription for a while, and have both books.


i subscribe to SEED. i think if you like popular science you'd love SEED. their tagline is science is culture.

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Wired for sure. I used to get Popular Science long ago and then picked up a Wired and was hooked. I've had a subscription for around 7 years or so. I also get National Geographic but sometimes it feels more like homework than fun, haha. I do love the pictures though.

When I was even nerdier I had ToyFare, I don't even know if they still make that mag.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

i love vanity fair. yeah, it's got its share of useless celebrity crap, but it's also got awesome inside current events articles, dominick dunne, and some really fascinating true-crime stuff.

i subscribe to rolling stone too, although i can't ever remember signing up for it. but i read it most of the time, so that's okay i guess.

i also read science and nature, but i wouldn't really call those magazines. i just aspire to be published in one someday.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

haha ditto on the highlights, rossmat. i loved that magazine as a kid.

mz. kat-ii

oooh boysbeambitious and sonmi - i love FRUiTS too! ive got the books and i like "reading" Poshhh and Egg too which are other jap fashion magazines. i love the crazy shit in there!

FA im impressed! but DANG it must cost a lot to buy those every week/month!

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Juxtapoz is the only one a regularly pick up


i liked adbusters for awhile
and catfancy

band-it profile pic Alumni

the believer
mcsweeney's quarterly


I have a magazine obsession too, but unlike some people--ahem--my collection gets redistributed/reused/recycled and they don't create towers of shame in the house. There's this guy I know who could build a mansion if he turned the magazines he's collected into wood beams and drywall.

I love, love, love Women's Health magazine. I also appreociate the free subscriptions I have to Bon Appetit and Domino, though I'd never pay money for them.

Every once in awhile I pick up whatever home decor magazine has the coolest looking room on it's glossy cover or
Atlantic Monthly.

George was also fun while it lasted. Oh! Those Kennedys!

I also really like alt-weekly newspapers. The Seattle Stranger used to be good, though I haven't read it in awhile. Also, of course, the Village Voice. Their features tend to be magazine-y without being complete sell-outs to the ad industry.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Snakeman: I only read Sports Illustrated for the swimsuit issue! Hubba hubba, it was the only slight porn mag we could get in the junior high library!

love boat captain: GOOD magazine sound interesting. I like giving to charities, especially when others do most of the work for me!

KB, never heard of High Fructose (but i like the sound of it) and Juxtapoz. Dammit folks, describe what kinds of mags these are, they sound coolio!

V1ctorya, I could probably be down with Radar then. Biography, is that a spin-off of the channel?

Tonteau, Viz iz....?

chelly, you are wise beyond your years for just reading journals and saving the environment. Oh yeah, I totally read Gastronomica when you sent it to me, a very interesting cultural culinary read! Thanks for reminding me, I saved it and should give that to another person who would love it...

angelito, big LOL for your Arena comment!

Tora, we are once again strangely alike in our videogame and reading habits, especially with our videogame reading habits.

repubblica, reading Popular Science is gonna open up a whole new obbession in magazines for me i think. I'll have to pay closer attention to Wired and Seed now, thanks guys!

Rockslide, that's it, I'm gonna go get this month's issue of Wired. SOLD! lol@Toyfare, my old roomate who is obsessed with action figures and has thousands of dollars invested in them (but plays with them and has fun, not just keeps them in the wrappers which is lame-zone) used to get that mag and I loved looking through it, Toyfare Theater is a million times better than Robot Chicken.

WhitneyBeth, I've never read Vanity Fair. It always seemed like a strange combo of Vogue and The New Yorker. Is that at all accurate? Hmm, maybe i'll try to find one in the waiting room of my ER...

rossmant, HIGHLIGHTS!

mz katt-ii, ha, yeah it does cost a pretty penny. But like I said, Time and Newsweek are free because my roomate has a subscription, and the only ones that cost a lot are Retro Gamer since it's from England and Adbusters since they only publish it every other month and they don't get any money from adverts, just the cover price and donations.

Ginger_S, hahaha, leave me alone! You never know when I'll need that three year old copy of Us Weekly for future reference! I never read George before I always wanted to. Do you have any spare ones? SEE! Look how useful they would have been had you saved them.


Fricken -



Yeah filter is a pretty good music magazine, it's like bi-monthly or summat. I also read spark weekly, which is a local free newspaper type thing with all the ocol delaware things (like mcdonalds!)


i read:

Hi Fructose

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