Somebody fucking stole my bike.

I'm sorry for taking all my venting to you, Threadless, but I'm completely heartbroken right now.
College was going great up until now. This sucks like hell. I loved that bike so much, and somebody just fucking took it. I hate people.
Someone please go find the dude that stole my bike and murder him. I'm so upset. That bike meant so much to me.


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oh noes, i'm sorry anna!!! i hope they find the bastard who took it. :(


I wish they would too, Lori, but its probably already been stripped apart and sold. Guh. :(

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oh man, that is a sweet looking bike too... sadly i know how you feel.


Dude, my roommate got her bike stolen recently too. :(
Stupid bike thieves !!! GRR


WTF @ all the bike stealings
My sister got hers stolen as well like, a month ago. PEOPLE ARE FUCKING HORRIBLE.


That's awful! I hope you're able to get it back! :(


D: bastards!!!!!!!!


now go get another cool bike and be ready for that to be stolen too because ppl can't afford gas anymore

sorry to hear that

our car got stolen

desperate times


sorry about your bike

but I see there may be a growing market for my 50,000Watt -Elctrokill bike lock / tasing system.

have any of you ever heard the old joke

Q. What do you call a Democrat who has been mugged once?

A. A Republican

alright then carry on.


Yeah, chelly. Sadly that's probably true.
And thanks everyone. Words of comfort mean a lot to me right now.


that sucks, sorry to hear it.

but ...welcome to college.

Steve The Great

oh fuck them with .... well....something that would suck to get fucked with.

like a crowbar.

shit, man I'm sorry.


perhaps it's in the basement of the alamo?

sorry about the shit luck.


ps - i did text you while i was in austin. we shall meet up another time.


well well is all peace and hippy love up in the threadless blogs till someone steals a bike =p

Johnny Baboon
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that really sucks. I got 2 bike stolen in one week at college. so i can accurately say that murder is the appropriate response.


i had my pink beach cruiser stolen when i was in 5th grade. it still hurts.


my 10 speed (from Sears) was stolen in 7th (i think??) grade

I was kinda bummed.

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oh no! i remember you posting that picture before :((

i'm sorry anna.


Ah! Karen! I'm sorry, I should have told you I don't have texting, so I can't send or receive. :(
We'll meet up sometime, though!

And again, thanks everyone. You guys are great.


Im sorry that happened, people are scumbags....but try & keep your chin up!
Here in the UK recently a whole family of 6 were killed in a car crash, & knowing their house was empty, some teenagers went round & stole the kids bikes. Makes corporal punishment sound like a good idea.


That sucks :( I hope you can find a super cool new bike.

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no i meant anna posted her bike pic before !


I'm sorry but


Bogus. I'll cut 'em for you.


Lame. I'm on the case!

Around here, people are more likely to take parts of the bike (usually the seat) than the whole bike.

And then there are people who just slash the tires for no reason.


Yeah, Alvin. People usually steal parts off bikes here too, but I had everything locked down. Seriously, I even tied down the seat with braided steel. Somebody really wanted it. :(


Uber lame. Did you report it to the campus authorities?



This sucks major ass.

Tasing's too kind to bike thieves. :(

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I'm sorry, that totally sucks. Losing something important to you is bad, having it stolen... so much worse, because then you feel violated.

shakes fist


Le sigh, it's really hopeless, Alvin. Stolen bikes are never recovered. NEVER. The parts are usually sold off, which is so depressing to think about. My baby is in a million different pieces right now. :(

Awww, I get the panda dog. Lovelovelove.


That's EXACTLY how I feel, Kate. :(


I say find them and rip off they legs!!!


Disintegrator rays. Reduce them to protoplasm.


Kelsi is my hero.
looks at Kelsi with all the admiration in the world


oh man that really sucks i know who bad that feels once my bike got stolen i mean i parked it in some bushes outside my friends house at a party and forgot about it so i guess it was really my fault, but then i saw some dude riding it down the street of my town like 3 weeks later and i yelled out the car window 'HEY MAN THATS MY STOLEN BIKE!!!" and the dude just waved at me!


i hope you get a brand new shiney bike for christmas


Awww @ Rambi. That really sucks. I know if I saw somebody riding my bike, I would go into some blind fury and probably kill a man or two.

I'm probably gonna save my pennies for a new bike from now on. That one was a Christmas present last year. Le sigh. :(


Quite frankly, bike thefts are the most lowly of low crimes. PEOPLE NEED THAT SHIT TO GET AROUND. It hasn't happened to me yet, but I'd flip a shit and then be even more mad because I'd have to walk home. I'm sorry about that. And I apologize on behalf of the human race for our lowly scum.

Is there a "recyclery" sort of place that you can go to for a cheap replacement? They're all over the place here in Chicago, especially now because bikes have gained popularity.


Aww, thanks Tom. I agree about how low bike theft is. What's worse is that it was locked up right outside my dorm. Whoever took it knows that I'm a college student and knows that I'm fucking poor. That bike, of course, also had a lot of sentimental value attached to it, but people don't think about that when they're taking your shit.

My best bet at a cheap bike right now is craigslist, but I think I'm going to try and save up as much money as I can right now for a new road bike. I just don't know how long that'll take, which sucks.


Yeah. If it's your main form of transportation (and valued sentimentally!) I'd invest in a good ol' lock. Not a cable lock because those are a snap (lol get it?pun) to cut. I'd at least get a better u lock.

I recently bought a mini u-lock and I feel safe because someone has to REALLY REALLY try to pry that thing open.

I suggest something like that.


That SUCKS! We have a shared bike program on campus which resulted in a HUGE decrease in stolen bikes.

I'm super duper sorry!



And check craigslist for someone trying to SELL your bike that they stole!


I've been around town! lol. School really.


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that really sucks, cancer. hopefully your bike will be recovered and the thief will be caught, tarred and feathered.


ofthecoast on Nov 18 '08 at 5:39pm

I think that would turn out more like Jello.

Just saying.

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