The Midwest is the Best!

Only after moving clear across the country did I realize where my heart belongs.

There really aren't any requirements for this tee at all. I like the design in white ink on a black tee. I also would like to see it in navy or black ink on a heather gray tee.

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von eaglehausen

Only after moving clear across the country did I realize where my heart belongs.

There really aren't any requirements for this tee at all. I like the design in white ink on a black tee. I also would like to see it in navy or black ink on a heather gray tee.


i. love. this.

i understand. i recently moved to louisiana and until i did i never realized how much i love and miss illinois.
i actually plan on getting a tattoo to show it. but this tee is a lot easier!
i will totally buy this!


you forgot Minnesota!!


Nebraska is smack dab in the middle of the United States. I don't see it...

von eaglehausen

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your comments!

I can completely understand why some people feel like their favorite state is missing. I chose to go with the states that are closest to my heart and all of which happen to be a part of what is technically called the "east north central" region of the Midwest.

Please vote 5! This is a dream come true for me!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

he means this one, which is tons better because it's less about the states and more about design.


That other person's design has no focus and looks like someone threw up on a yellow t-shirt. I like this one MUCH better.


I love this design....I love Indiana and the midwest....I am voting a 5


Superhero font
Looks like the cover of a comicbook series!
Very cool design, not over the top


I love it! Since the midwest covers such a large area, placing too many states on it would make the design too crowded. Great job! You got a 5 out of me!!


this is sweet! go midwest!!


I love these freaking shirts!!!!!!

Trevour profile pic Alumni

That's like saying "I love the Three Stooges!" but then excluding Larry Fine from the picture! I'd like some MN in there too. ;-)

Good solid design nonetheless.


Nice! The Midwest loves you too!


I live in Tejas,
this shirt is wayyy better than that select tee.
Don't listen to that. Keep designing.


Tell all those gopher-lovers there's a reason Minnesota doesn't fit on the shirt.


The select tee is awful, this is a $5.


I think this t-shirt has limited appeal . And it seems like even your target audience - people in the mid-West - are disappointed because you've left a lot of states out, further limiting its appeal.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

i've been wanting to make a MW is best shirt forever. 3 cheers for illinois! (and maybe a couple cheers for wisconsin...)


Go get 'em Karl! I'm sending this on to my friends. Keep us posted!


im an aussie so wouldnt buy this, u may lose a few votes being so select with the states & the design is kinda boring

Oplattamus Rex

Normally I would agree with the sentiment of this tshirt design but because there is no Minnesota in it I must disagree.


you left off like a a fourth of the midwest.


i like, the midwest is the best


yeah, agreed... you should've just made it about the great lakes states being really great with this few states included... missouri, arkansas, kansas, oklahoma, iowa, MN, etc... all considered the midwest :/


Really narrowing the market here haha. But if you're part of the elite. Great!


It's a nice shirt, but also a blatant lie.


I'm not so sure this is the right website for this tee idea.
Especially because everyone who doesn't live there will vote against it.

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

hell yea, represent!


Font kinda reminds me of Milwaukees Best beer cans, think you can find font a little more Mid-Westerny!


Love the clean graphic!


The midwest IS the best.


I also saw the Milwaukee's Best font - and I like it because of it.

I hate MB, but it's so fitting of this area.

Cool shirt


Very cool design.

And, for the record, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas are not part of the Midwest. They are in the "great plains."

And nobody likes Minnesota. They talk funny.


Dude. I don't know what you consider to be midwest,... but wikipedia defines it as this:
The region consists of twelve states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin....
hmmm... iowa and nebraska are SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COUNTRY! how can you not put them on a midwest shirt?


aw i miss chicago
i live in ny now but ill always love the midwest best


I love it! I know it doesn't encompass the "entire" Midwest, but it seems that the designer addressed that issue, directly, in this very comment thread. Being from the part of the Midwest depicted in this design and also spending time in other regions of the world, I have to agree with this designs sentiment that, "The Midwest is the Best." I also like the take on the Milwaukee's Best logo, which is awful beer by the way, we called it "The Beast" back before we could afford good beer. Keep it up von eaglehausen!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

the response to the select midwest shirt is pretty laughable, also, haven't you all been in gas stations ? you could probably find a more accurate midwest shirt there.


lol yeah dude, Nebraska is definitely midwest.

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