Just another of love

Just another of love...

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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

what's with the different shadows? is the girl some sort of devil because she has a pitch black shadow?
DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. bad shadows is like my biggest pet peeve in this place.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm just concerned for the por girl's well-being. She looks mildly terrified, as if she's looking around trying to plan her escape route between love ballads, when the dude closes his eyes to make her "feel" what he thinks of her.


Agreed that she looks weird. And he has a bubble butt.


Sorry buddy but that image screams "PHOTOSHOP!".
Not to mention I haven't seen a gray acoustic guitar ever. I'm not even sure you did much for that one. It looks like you just outlined a couple real images and then did a half ass job of coloring them. I'm just telling you how it looks, not trying to be a prick.


I never , EVER, thought I'd EVER, in a squillion years, thought I would agree with Ginette, but, she has a point. The different shade of shadows doesn't make much sense. Other than that, It's not the worst I've ever seen. Keep trying dude!!

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