Is it just me... or does the focal tree look a little like a fish skeleton?

Watch this

no. after having looked at it. i think it's just the way it was inked, though i can see how you'd be confused.


It could be if it was what it would be but I could see why you would see what it may or should be.


yeah only trees arent made of bone, nor do dead fish lay on end


actually i think that makes sense. The instinct being that out of all the trees, it chose the one that was made of a giant fish skeleton. Dogs do love them some bones.

I can't figure out what those markings in the roots would be otherwise.


WAIT! the dog is burying bones! he's about to bury the fish skeleton. I thought he'd just dug it up.

Maybe i'm wrong too, but im going to continue thinking of it that way. Otherwise why would this shirt be a dog's instinct?


in stink is how I read it. like, he stinks.


i agree with casemaster. they all look like fish skeletons to me and dogs do bury bones..

Steve The Great

what the hell?

why would a tree be a fish skeleton?

this is ridiculous! Trees are not fish!


apparently, human teeth evolved from fish scales. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Teeth are modified fish scales.


i agree with casemaster thats what the shirt is supposed to be


oh man.. People are so dumb.


I assumed that the fish bones was the entire purpose of the shirt..


This is more or less what a fish skeleton looks like without the fins and tail. The very moment I looked at it I was sure it was a fish skeleton. I love the appearance of the design. The black and white is very effective and a nice look for this shirt. I have of course tried to come up with a meaning to this design. I love dogs, trees, aaand fish Yum! and would like to get this shirt once I figure out what it means to me. Great job!


A cat would be a lot more psyched about finding a fish than a dog though so I guess you could interpret it as a cat with a long snout.


But that's rubbish about cat's and fish. Have you ever seen a real cat put a whole fish in its mouth and then pull out the bones?

And where would cats ever catch fish? Most cats hate the water.

I cannot believe that people actually thought the fish bones thing was an accident. I mean, seriously...

Dogs don't only bury things, too, people. They usually dig them up again. Methinks the dog has buried many bones and has just dug this one back up.

OR, the artist thinks that leafless trees remind him of fish bones and that maybe they might remind dogs of fishbones as well. The dog isn't really looking very excited. It's kind of standing back a bit and taking in the whole situation. Perhaps it has just dug up this wonderfully giant set of fishbones, only to be disappointed that it is actually just a normal everyday tree that looks a bit like fishbones.

I think the idea of it being a cat is a good one (but it's obviously a dog from the picture). It could be a cat with a dog's instinct - hence the confusion between fish and digging holes. Cat's generally don't dig and dogs generally don't eat fish.

Okay, so after thinking about it for some time now, I've decided that it's kind of a good idea, but it doesn't really make much sense...

AND, the artist claims to know very little about art, so may not have any idea himself....

Sorry for the long rubbishy post!


Excuse my excessive apostrophe in the first sentence. You can't edit your posts after you've made them! Damn it!


To Casemaster - I'm pretty sure the idea is that a dog never forgets where it buried something. So, in this case, the dog remembered which of those were trees and which was the giant fish it buried a while ago :P.

Spottedquoll - And that thing about dogs not liking fish? In my experience, dogs will eat anything.


there's no way those are bones


whales are good for oil for lamps.

teeth are fish scales, and lipstick is made from fish scales (it's what gives it the shimmer) so therefore, by the transitive property, is lipstick made from teeth?

Maybe the dog works for lancome.

David T
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This blog is infuriating... it says a lot about the average voter on this site.

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David T on Nov 04 '08 at 8:04am
This blog is infuriating... it says a lot about the average voter on this site.

Man, that's exactly what I was thinking.


V1ctorya, a lot of lipstick companies also use placenta as an ingredient in manufacturing. That and the fish scale thing basically is enough for me to never ever use lipstick. gags


realol @ this blog


really though, i could SEE how someone might think those are bones but i know enough about drawing and digital illustration. seriously, not bones.

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The best thing about this blog is reading through the comments and seeing the people that aren't picking up on digital sacasm...


but BC - fishscales and placenta are the new pomtini! haven't you heard?

yummy placenta. . . .

and it hydrates while exfoliating!

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everyone knows that trees are made of wood, not bones

so any resemblance to bones is purely coincidental

i am esa

actually spermwhales have teeth


haha this shirt is awesome just for inciting this entire thread.

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