• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

Watch this

a witty psa public service annoucment like those truth ones for ciggerettes.

Monkey II
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I don't wanna rely on puns and funny jokes.
I need depth.

But I will try it out though, just to see how it will look.

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expanding on nic's idea, instead of showing a ninja slap, show in horrible graphic detail someone prolapsing

Monkey II
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Hey guys thnaks for your suggestions^^
I really appreciate it.

Don't think too much like a real campaign. I mean like the ads they are doing already. It tends to get boring fast after the first time. It's all: don't do this, use this.
I don't wanna play a safe sex cop yaknow.
I want to tell a story.

Monkey II
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Puhlease T_T

I need....you....

Monkey II
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funny sjit ahhaha.
It doesn't make me excited, even though they use words like fuck and suck...

I was thinkin...
Nowadays kids are having sex in exchange of a bigmac. (or something dumb)
Very disturbing here.


"If you don't use condoms, you could get something terminal...

...like a kid."


My step sister just had a baby. She started telling me how much stuff for the baby costs, that was enough birth control for me.


something else that people may find interesting is the French army historically brought mobile brothels with them to war..


Bordel Mobile de Campangne.


have a booth in a public place, and give ppl bananas. and the catch- they have to successfully put a condom on it first


I really find it scary if someone can't put on a condom, be it guy or girl.

Like, they were really not meant to reproduce, or...really were meant to.

Depends on how you look on it.

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You can pay me 50 dollars an hour to be a creative director if you'd like =P

Monkey II
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So the keyword is condom?
Or is communication more imporatant. That people talk about it.
Is it a way of life? A multi cultural difference?

Do the ads campaigns really speak to the right group of (young)people....


You could have a bananna and a condom fall in love, but since the bananna was exposed to all the bad things out there it rots and withers away. The condom is left heart broken, all because the bananna didn't use safe sex. haha

Monkey II
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that would be fun and clear too.
That disney movie is awesome.
From the perspective of the germs.
Out on a rampage!!!

That's kinda bad-ass^^
I like it.

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safe sex is dangerous. what if the door slammed shut and no one knew you were inside the safe?

Monkey II
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Olli ahahah

Monkey II
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bump in the morning and in the evening.


Monkey... I just became a gdx student @ Ai of Vancouver
So .. I know where you are coming from and I'm gonna throw an idea at you.. since.. it just popped up in my head and I'mma good sport.

Think SAFE..... beginning of your ad...

Safety Harness (Safe climbing)
Safety Net (Safe Landing)
Safety Belt ( Safe Driving)....

Condom (Safe Sex)

Monkey II
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ow cool thanks^^
You're a first year student now?


Yeah.. Just started this Month
haha it explains why you guys haven't seen me posting in a while... but... no one really seems to give a hoot about me.. so no one notices



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