Gettin' The Skinny with Laura

This week, GTS sat down with Threadless' Production Crew Captain - Laura. We talk about her passion for cooking, production snafus, Cranium fun and much more. On with the show...

GTS: Alright, welcome back to another installment of Gettin' The Skinny - Intriguing Interviews with Threadless staff. Today's guest is Laura. How are you today Laura?

Laura: A little under the weather, but otherwise doing great!!! And you?

GTS: Everything is everything. I'm stoked that this week is just about over. So Laura, I must confess - you're a total mystery to me. For my sake and for the sake of the folks at home, please describe what you do at Threadless.

Laura: A mystery, eh? Well, I can definitely fill you in. Most of the Threadless community knows me by the exciting emails they receive when their designs are selected ! Or when they are receiving money for reprints! However, as you know, after your interview with Mimi - she is our new Artist Liason! I basically lead up the production crew, and make sure that everything happens on time. We work closely with Ross and the creative team, making sure everything is printed correctly and looking awesome...

GTS: That's sounds pretty sweet! Has there ever been a time where you missed a deadline or had some mishap?

Laura: are you kidding? oh yes. But we always come up with creative solutions.It's one big juggling act, but in the end, it is most important that the t-shirts turn out exactly as they were envisioned! And as you can tell, we have fun experimenting too...

GTS: Can you share a specific SNAFU incident?

Laura: hmmmmmmm. Well, Craig is pretty known for putting the wrong names on the tags! or TYPOS!!! DOH! But I would say a huge snafu would be printing a design that was stolen, when we had NO IDEA that it was... Then luckily the community would catch it (thank you Threadless!) and then we would handle it accordingly. We have no tolerance for such behavior!

GTS: I recall that that incident. That's gotta be a tough task to make sure that all of the chosen subs are 100% legit.

Laura: Yes, near impossible! We try our best. By the way, Craig told me to call him out on the tags and typos.

GTS: Even the best proofreaders have a typo now and then.

Laura: Indeed.

GTS: So what do you do for fun when you're not @ work?

Laura: Let's see! My passion is cooking. I love food and wine! And I love pets... in fact, there are two puppies in my office right now (Red and Nola) and we watch them wrestle all day. I love any and all things design too... and of course MUSIC and MOVIES!

GTS: what's your favorite food and wine pairing?

Laura: oh man, well I'm no expert. Brie and Cabernet? Spinach Salad and Sauvignon Blanc? Really it all tastes good to me...

GTS: give me a medium well strip steak and a bottle of merlot and i'm a happy guy!

Laura: Sounds good to me!!!

GTS: Back to Threadless for a minute - how long have you been working there and how has it evolved since you started?

Laura: I just had my 2 year anniversary! And yes, things have evolved quite a bit...For one thing, the Threadless family has almost doubled in size in that time! We opened the Threadless retail store in Chicago. We started the Threadless Prints line, and the Blik partnership... Lots of fun new ideas around here all the time!

GTS: Since you're in the loop on all the upcoming tees - what can we expect in the coming weeks/months/etc?

Laura: Oh, I wouldn't dare give that away! But I'm really excited about some upcoming designs, we've had some really amazing submissions (and scores) as of late! Am I using too many exclamation points?

GTS: Heck no! I'd just like go on record and state that if the Monster Mash doesn't get printed, my soul would be crushed forever.

Laura: We wouldn't want that to happen now, would we? (the soul crushing part)

GTS: Yeah, that would be pretty rough so anything you could do to prevent that - like printing the Monster Mash collab - would be awesome :)

Laura: You'll have to stay tuned, I'm sure you will!

GTS: You know it. I've got some blogger questions up next!

Laura: Go for it!

GTS: Phiffer asked: What is your favorite Fruit Snack?

Laura: Fruit Roll-ups of course! But as for straight-up fruit, I love me some grapes!

GTS: red or green?

Laura: Grapes: Red. Fave Color: Green

GTS: littlem asked: what's your fave board game and why?

Laura: Typically, I would say scrabble. Classic. But I've played some amazing rounds of Cranium with Threadless co-workers, and that kind of fun definitely takes the cake! The "hum-dinger" category is especially hilarious.

GTS: Next question comes from Tonteau: What's the best response she got after emailing someone to tell them they had won threadless?

Laura: Oh wow, there have been so many fun responses. I don't know if I could single one out off the top of my head, but I love it when the good news has made their day, their year, their lifetime!!! Lots of capital letter usage, smiley faces, exclamation points, and Threadless love! :)

GTS: Jess4002 chimed in with a good question: Which Threadless product shot of yourself has been the most memorable to date?

Laura: Oh I would definitely have to say the series of product shots that Charlie and I are in for the Summer sale of '07, GIRLS ROAD TRIP!

GTS: One last one from Chipmnk: If you didn't work at Threadless, what would your dream job?

Laura: Interior Design! But I will just have fun with that on the side, Threadless is my home...

GTS: Laura - it's time to play Pick One. Do you know how we roll?

Laura: Yes, ready!

GTS: 1: Various vessels: Pirate Ship or Magic Carpet?

Laura: Magic Carpet (but I will wear an eyepatch)

GTS: 2: Geeks-R-Us: Screech or Urkel?

Laura: I would have to say Urkel because Laura was his dream girl...

GTS: 3: Double Agent Gadget: Pen gun or Watch laser?

Laura: Watch laser, definitely. Lasers are much cooler than guns.

GTS: 4: Just Desserts: Hot Fudge Sundae or Cherries Jubilee?

Laura: I'm not much into sweets, but who can resist a Hot Fudge Sundae? Anything chocolate is divine.

GTS: 5: Sing a Sad Song: Nike Drake or Elliot?

Laura: Love both, but I'm a huge Nick Drake fan... have every album!

GTS: 6: Up in Smoke: Cigars or pipes?

Laura: Pipes, and I have no idea why

GTS: 7: Doggone it: Boston Terrier or Boxer?

Laura: Oooh tuffy. Oh, do I have to choose??? My tabby cat, Tess.

GTS: 8: Brew Crew: Bottle, can or glass?

Laura: Draught Beer, all the way!

GTS: 9: Wrestlemania: Mud wrestling or jello wrestling?

Laura: Oh my. Well, let's say jello wrestling... food fights are fun.

GTS: 10: Movie Madness: Suspenseful thriller or all out gore fest?

Laura: suspenseful thriller, it's not scary unless it gets into your psyche!

GTS: Well played. Laura, our time is up but just two last things - first, who would like to interview next and secondly, any parting words for the folks at home?

Laura: Next interview - GARY, THE PRODUCER!

Laura: Last words - Name this movie quote: "If you get tired... pull over! If you get hungry... eat somethin'!"

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Dang, I could totally go for some food and wine about now.

And Elliott Smith all the way.


Oh and nice interview too!


movie quote = best in show, of course! :D


i love cranium!!!

but i'm not good at it :p

hope you feel better soon

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

good questions in this one! i love reading these

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

i love gettin' the skinny! terrific interview with laura, andrew!



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