Pluto - Never Forget

  • by blackf0rk
  • posted Oct 03, 2008

Watch this

Unfortunately, I've seen about a dozen other designs on other sites just like this. I wouldn't say this one is different enough to make it truly original.


I like it. very cute adn id buy it :) 5


Poor little Plutoid.


I'd own it? How many colors would it come in?!


Oops... no question mark after I'd own it. I mean it.... I really would buy this in a heartbeat. Excellent design and I think it's unique to similar ideas about Pluto (RIP).

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i wet myself a bit. there should be more memorials for pluto, or i haven't paid enough attention to the pluto websites like poketrebel suggests. it was new to me.


i did a report on pluto back in elementary school. rip pluto

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Yeah, that Pluto downgrade happened in 2006, eh? Funny thing about time moving on and old concepts getting older. Sorry man, this concept has been fully stripmined and left for dead. Good luck on submitting here tho, let's see what else you can do.


this is so cute. i dont care. i'd get it.

A Bilingual Eve

This is the funniest and classiest pluto design I've seen.


If the colors and font were different then maybe.. cute idea though.


still laughing.

i would buy it joyfully.


haha.. made me laugh.. nice idea! don't really dig the shade of the green tho.. other than that i love it! =)


Pluto is a planet; I don't get why everyone takes what a select few say, and believe it. It is widely accepted by astronomers that it IS still a planet

Also, the exact size, the color, and the surface is a total mystery, it is to far away to capture, although in the next decade we will have some information. But is so so far from the asteroid belt that it is almost impossible for Pluto to have any surface craters, let alone that size.



its been done so many times

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