Pump Robbery

  • by g4_artist
  • posted Sep 30, 2008

Watch this

you're right... its too bad I didn't see your design first...

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Not sure why this was allowed to go to the vote, given that they've already printed this concept.

Oh well. Try again.


yup thats pretty much how it is nowadays... good luck!


if you vote for this, please vote for real. if you don't think it matters, crack open a history book


I whole heartedly agree with Booogles... Get off your asses and vote. As far as filtering this design out... If i had known there was something similar out there I wouldn't have submitted it. So far this is my 3rd design to get to the voting stage and the other two were pulled after a day of voting ( I assume it was because not enough votes were tallied) so don't worry too much... i'm sure this one will get yanked anyways. Thanks for your votes and comments... I truely appreciate them all.


Nicely executed. I agree people need to talk with their votes, less complaining comments.


Love the funny shirt and political commentary.


I really like this! So... it's similar to the other one but both designers aren't the only ones to ever have thought of the concept! They're both different anyhow!

I was going to vote 4 but decided on 5 due to all the b/s above... I don't think it's fair to say a design is better than the other as I don't agree!


Thanks for your support guys... I really appreciate the 5 from Dredreg and your comments. Thats at lease two 5ers so far. Keep voting guys...


The concept is incredibly weak, and has been done to death on this site.
You need to be more imaginative.


It's interesting that this design has gone far further than my previous two attempts, is getting more votes and theres such a wide array of comments. But you're probably right we should stop doing the same concepts over and over again... we should stop making words out of objects, stop using the faces made out of symbols thing, no more childish scrawls, stop it with the 8-bit imagery... oh and please no more images of animals being weird. Uh Oh... i think if we stopped teh done to death ideas... there wouldn't be anything left... what then?


Come up with something that hasn't been done?

its not impossible.


I see no problem with repeating a concept as long as it's not blatant plagerism. If great minds think alike it's natural that more than one person might independently think of the same idea... what matters is the execution.

I personally like the simplicity and iconic look of this design - I would wear this shirt but not Highway Robbery. For that reason I appreciate that Threadless does NOT "filter for content." That's our job.

As for the design itself, my only thought would be to experiment with an actual pump nozzle rather than a revolver, since I think everyone will "get" this pretty quickly. However, my guess is that you already did that and decided that the revolver more immediately identifies the concept.

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gas is between $2.95 and $3.15 around here...


Thanks for saying what I've been trying to all week creativeanomalie... You're right about hte nozzle... I wanted to be a little more blatant about the robbery part. I had another idea which involved the figure bending over and the pumps nozzle getting inserted.... (well you get the picture) but I figured Pump Rape was a little too controversial. Again Thanks to everyone who's voted and everyone's comments good bad or indifferent.


i actually like yours better!!


Thank you Brookeboard... (so do I)


Thanks to all the voters who got me past the 1000 votes mark.

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