I desperately need a reprint of this!

I love the collision of high and low culture, and, after reading all the various comments about this design, I'm interested in seeing how many people in my real life would "get" it.

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k, just a minute...

process process process


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I desperately need a reprint of this too... I really could use the money Threadless cough hint Shimala SOMEONE! lolz :(

On a happy side note I am glad you like it :) Thankies


I have been waiting what seems a lifetime for a reprint... I dont know how much longer I can keep my fingers crossed!

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Me too! Reprint. Reprint. Reprint!!!!


Woohoo! It's finally mine!


i tried to use rene magritte as a "celebrity" in this game we play, and my friends didnt know who he was and insisted that he was not a famous painter. i was sad. this shirt makes me happy. :)


I agree! I want the print of this very very much. I would love it if it was reissued!!!


This tee is a bonafide conversation starter. Just remember to brush up on yer surrealism and italian plumbers.

Wore it to vastly too many lectures on my film courses but did look appropriately nerdy.

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