Why Threadless is better

So after doing a little browsing through Threadless's "rival" Design By Humans, I've come to the conclusion that most of what they print would be rejected designs here.
They also seem to have a certain fetish for covering up every last inch of the t-shirt, which, in my opinion, just screams "WHOA! LOOK AT ME!!!". I'm not saying some Threadless shirts don't do that, just not 99% of them.

I also think we're cheaper.
By a lot.

Watch this

Also, you're here, and that counts for something.


I'm flattered


yea i agree with smoking, threadless has a more comfortable feel, and not one that says "by the time you finish looking at three pages, you will 30% more depressed"



thank you.


Threadless's prizes are also better than this Site.


god i hate those kinds of t-shirts

Cash Cow.
Cash Cow. profile pic Alumni

I don't like DBH's moody models.


DBH just caters to a different audience thats all


Are we ready for full clapping?


Fuck it.

full claps

andyg profile pic Alumni

DBH is for losers.

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I like a few things on DBH, but the voting system sucks!


I have to admit, I do like some of the designs at DBH. I tend to like bigger prints though, so that may be why.

I only looked at the first page though, I can't afford to get addicted to another t shirt source, threadless is fine for that job. haha


I only looked at the first page though, I can't afford to get addicted to another t shirt source, threadless is fine for that job. haha


Damn you Hector for showing me that Wotto print!!!

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I loved that one since it was up for voting here, Jellyes.

This one I love as well, but I hate the color it's printed on, silver would have been killer


I dont know I dont really have a problem with them, there voting process is a little odd and the lack of a blog to talk to other users is odd but apart from that its just different.

Plus I do like the huge prints.

Mikko Terva
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both are awesome, in different ways!

the golden spatula

I stopped visiting dbh, it takes ages to load for me and the voting system isn't fun.


Somebody should do a "I'm a Threadless..." "...and i'm a DBH" mac PC advert parody.

Threadless is totally Mac

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They do different things and I'm sure they are both sick to death of being compared. Any site that promotes and helps designers is good in my book.


Oh, that jean warhol one is sweet. I might have to get that one (although their sizes seem off). I haven't bought from that other site before, though I do visit looking for my $5's that didn't print here.


I participate on DBH and shirt.woot somewhat frequently, so I mostly agree with wotto. I like threadless because the quality outstanding, the styles are pretty diverse, it's organized better, and the community is awesome.
I've been spending a lot more time designing for threadless, and it's been the most fun challenge I've had since so many people are making great work.


bored of this debate

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contrary to popular belief, it is your choice whether or not you read a blog.

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Both of my prints at DBH are actually relatively threadless friendly...I just think they don't get a lot of submissions like that, so they amassed a lot of fans/shoppers/artists that are perpetuating a different art direction. That said, based solely on what the two sites have printed, I enjoy threadless much more, but can't necessarily say that they are better because they better suit my taste. As a whole though, Threadless has an awesome community that outclasses anywhere else that i've found online.

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