Diet Cancer

  • by Fairmont
  • posted Aug 13, 2008

White, Red, and Silver on Black.

Watch this

White, Red, and Silver on Black.


Diet Coke gives cancer?


Regular coke does too but more diet because of the aspartame. Over in India people are angry and want coke gone because they are actually smart enough to realize its far from healthy for you and they found toxic chemicals in the drink. That said the design looks like you drew it on notebook paper, maybe you could refine it more.


Nothing in a box is going to fly here, no matter how thought out or well designed.


Agreed with Sr.Mon.Stare., and also anything done on lined notebook paper (other than designs that incorporate the NEED for lined notebook paper).


Alot of stuff will give you cancer if you intake very high amounts of of it. It would be really hard to get cancer from Coke. People are just looking for a reason to sue these companies.


uh oh. my dad drinks like a gallon of diet coke A DAY, no joke.

i don't want him to get cancer!!!! runs away crying


umm i really dont see how coke and cancer are connected... there may be rumors, but still


box is bad, design seems unfinished and on a lower level than most of the stuff here.

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