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OMG! A record with someone being a DJ! It's not a new idea, but the execution is much different.

here are some obvious reasons
a) one is a male, the other is isn't
b) one uses gold foil, the other doesn't
c) one lost the txt the other didn't
d) one is on an awesome threadless shirt, the other isnt


it's close but i think this is just a coincidence.


So what's the deal with real records in the "This blog's about" pic and fake records in the product page?

The copyright police are coming!

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I agree i've seen worse plagerism blogs with the two products sharing a simliarty in that they both exist, but I'm sure Yoshi thought this up on his lonesome and came up with a way more eye-pleasing style of an admittedly similiar idea. This one is soooo much more subtle and hand-drawn and amazing tho.


the design is just an idea but the designer puts his own twist and detail to it... much like this one which is also a tee for sale..


that's actually exactly what i thought of when i saw this shirt!


It instantly reminded me of that, too.

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Nope - nothing in it. It's not really a unique idea - it's just that this one is brilliantly executed. Even Robsouls 'Dope' tee relies on this premise to an extent - mixing the image of the phonograph (as a deck) and antiquated imagery/dress with the language/behaviour of vinyl-playing sub-culture.


I've often seen Threadless designers rip off the Dees, so I'm not suprised.


It reminded me of 'Now That's Dope'.

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