How to use the templates

this might sound a bit absurd, but I don't deal with templates very often. I'm not sure how to use the template. I use GIMP, and when I open the .PSD it just shows a t-shirt with a message from threadless. Help?

Watch this

look at the layers on the layers bar. delete the ones that aren't the shirt.
then stop using the templates and put your design on a model.


Okay, that helps more, but I guess I'm completely stupid. I'm not sure how you mean?


Yeah, my suggestion is to not use the submission kit templates. Its better if you put it onto an actual t-shirt or onto a person with a blank t-shirt on. It gives people a better idea of how it will "actually" look. I know that Threadless says that you need to use the submission kit templates, but you don't.


Just look at a handful of submissions and you'll get the idea...

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You just have to show how it would be placed on a tee, models work for that too. Also, you might want to post it as a critique before subbing it.


But aren't those only up for critique? I'd hate to have a rejection based on not following the rules. Sorry, I'm being a bit paranoid, I guess you guys have submitted that way and it hasn't been a problem?

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