Gumball Machine

I hope you enjoy the design!

Watch this

bigger + at chest level maybe? but cute


great illustration. bit bigger.

Susan S.

Chest level vote. I know this would change the design. but one possibility would be to put the kid in foreground walking away - that is, gum machine at top, kid at bottom bigger.

Bunshichi Tawara

He's an hooligan!
also i think it would be placed more higher, and even closer.
Great design


Definitely chest level.

Robotic Moose

Tom Servo NOOOO! Oh the humanity!

er, robotity...

yue kitty

i don't really get it.
if he wanted gum that bad, why did he take just one gum ball. i would have taken the ones on the floor to.


like it... i agree, chest level would be better.

Wicked Truffy

bigger bigger! cooler cooler...5ive for the cuteness!

Tall Drink

I like the general concept, but by making the gumball machine an animate object, it could come off as promoting bullies or fighting.


Chest level and definitely not on white. Great design.


Bigger please, but not higher.


yes bigger

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

hahaha I agree with bigger on this, then your solid!


bigger :)
very nice...maybe wrap around would look cute ?


design is muchh to small. & you should try different color combos


I wish the placement was higher!

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