Love One Another.

All the love of the supercontinent with the awesomeness of a distressed print.

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Malcolm Man

This would have been cooler if you included the girl (replace models face) and mustang in the design inmho.


Is that only 8 colors?


i nvm that didn't make sense

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This makes little to no sense and i love it all the more for this. probably not the kind of shirt Threadless is gonna print, but something i'd snatch up with the quickeness if they did nonetheless.


this is so clever! $5 to you.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i love cooper and Pangaea
i want to wear this to my earth sciences class today! give it to me now!


i can't believe this hasn't been done already, nice one


...... I've seen this before.



this is awesome! $5

Robotic Moose

This really only makes sense if you're from Virginia. Or does every state have billboards all over the place that say that about themselves?


Feels like there's a bigger idea here than a joke about cheesy Virginia tourism slogans. The "for lovers" part doesn't work.


I like the whole visualization. Esp. what you did to the template model. :D


NOW we're gettin' somewhere!!!


i had to wikipedia it... =/ but i do love the design and colours. tee hee.

Johnny Baboon
Johnny Baboon profile pic Alumni

5$ for the hot 70s chick

Rikki Dont Lose That Number

Thanks for the comments all!
It's not just a play on the Virginia slogan, it's based on the plethora of tees available for many US states and other countries which play on that slogan.
It's a piss-take of a piss-take as us Aussies would say :)


I'd like it without the text, in bigger size :) 4$ though


I'm actually from Pangea, and I think It's a great idea. The shirt color and font come together beautifully. Definite 5$ from me.


it'd be weird if pangaea was still around- we'd be a right mongrel bunch. $5


I want that car. I want that car.

mezo profile pic Alumni

...this is the best design I missed scoring.

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