Comics! (now with translation by nonolarson!)

I made these comics recently (it's in french sorry...if someone is able to translate...)

And I've also two designs in the running :

Thanks for voting!!

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oh how i love your linework!

spacesick 2

ahaha. that top comic is my most favorite thing by you EVER (so far)


i need 2 take french class

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I've many other comics that i would like to post here but I need to find someone to translate them.



<br />

jzef, vous êtes tout simplement incroyable!

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Crève sale gaucher lol

Well here is my attempt at translating the first panel :D


-Oh my! Adrien! Super!

-Hey, I just came back from my summer holidays!
-Woah super! Tell me more about it!

-I stayed at a GHT (Guillotine Holiday Resort), it was great!
-Yeah, super!

-A super great little village nested in between two super little hills! Super!

-Hello my name is Ludo super. EAGLE - WOLF HEAD - INDIAN
-The executioner is waiting for you. Could you please sign?

So I will finally enjoy my first decapitation by guillotine!

This is Jean-Horn the executioner.
-Super job!

And this is the audience.
-There was way more people for Louis XVI...

-And so I was beheaded at a public execution, super!
-I don't buy this. You couldn't heal so fast.

-That's right huhuhu!

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Haha I'm bored, I translated the other one:


-Yeah Hamelin! I'm gonna win the flute contest!

-Hola rascal, where's the flute contest?
-Hahaha... watch out!

-Hey young beggar! Do you know where it's at ?
-It's on the left, on the right, on the left, on the left again and straight ahead!!! Wouldn't you have a coin for me?
I is left-handed, help me! on the paper.
-Go kill yourself evil left-handed creature!

-Oh well... well there's no one.

-Hmm... it's really weird. Well the jury must be in the house.
-I have to make a neat entrance.


-We were waiting for you Jean-Baptiste the moustache-flutist-man!

-Who... whowhowho are you... Be...beware... I have a big flute!!

-It's a trap! This contest was meant to make you play some flute for us!
-We are your biggest fans! We own all your records!
-But... but that's mean! show yourselves...

-Hi hi hi hi!
-We got you!

-Come on JB play something!
-Yeahhh come on!
-Well... uh... ok...


-Don't stop!
-Hey go on!

-But... you're dancing the twist!!
-Yes it's great!
-Can you play again pwease!

-Aaaahh they're monsters!!
-Hey come back! Woohoo! Play again!

-Yes! Finally those rats have left!
-It was enough!
-Monsters... I'm telling you!
-Always dancing the twist everywhere! scary...

-Come back! we want some flute!

And so the inhabitants of Hamelin were really happy to get rid of these idiot rats that were always dancing the twist that it was scary.

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Waah coool merci nono !

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But no one cares! :(

Hey people come here and read this wonderful comic with lovely textures and colors by Jzef!

Tu devrais mettre "comics trop super bien" (enfin en anglais) dans ton titre pour ramener du peuple :p

jzef profile pic Alumni

thanks tonteau
wouhou a new title for your translation nono

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Haha I translated it "à l'arrache". Some parts must sound weird!
Quelle idée d'utiliser des mots genre flûtiau ou chenapan :p

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that was super sweet of you, nono.
jzef - I love that landscape dual panel. great looking stuff.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

I was contented looking at the lines and style already. Thank goodness Enora is bored... Haha! This is SUPER!

jzef profile pic Alumni

thanks !
Another one :

And I've still two submissions in the running! :P

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