• by sh0rty
  • posted Jun 29, 2005

I love Threadless but Im getting a bit tired of their bad colours for girls. It wold look much better if girls could buy it in heather grey aswell or at least have the choice between pink and grey.Come on guys reprint more girls heather grey!! Please........

Watch this

I have this shirt in pink and I think it looks really good. I never wore pink, but... well, this is one of my favorite shirts now.

Although I do kinda agree... for some shirts I get annoyed when the girls get stuck with a crappy color.


I'm a girl but I hate girly shirts. They're incredibly tiny and the sleeves are uncomfortable. Anyway... a lot of times on threadless I like the girls color better.

Its kind of funny that you're like, PRINT MORE GIRLS HEATHER GRAY and everybody else says EW STOP PRINTING SHIRTS ON HEATHER GREY.

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My girlfriend complains about that too. Though I just got her On the Plains and I have to say I like the green a lot more than the men's blue. I was going to get her I Was a Teenage Monster a while back, but she doesn't like pink. I don't know, it's a tough call. For every shirt that gets printed there are a dozen comments on how people dislike the shirt color. I would like to see less of the "girly" colors, but at the same time it may be just that Threadless is playing the odds. For all we know the best selling shirts are pink.


Couldn't agree more with you. Anyway, curious as to what size you buy your tees in -- this whole sizing system is just.....abysmal! Thanks :)

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