Scottish Bathrooms

The trouble with Scottish bathrooms...

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The trouble with Scottish bathrooms...

Meanwhile the Ocelot

I laughed!

This seems like a pretty obvious joke, but I don't think I've ever seen this take on it, so nicely done.




wonderfully funny


i love the idea but the execution needs to be improved


yea work on the imagery the idea is solid


What would you have done differently with the imagery? I submitted this one to the critique section first. This was the final design that the people commenting seemed to be relatively happy with, I thought.


Very funny idea!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think it would be funnier if there was the traditional "man" sign on one of them and the woman stays the same on the other, hence the Scottish kilt confusion. The doors need a bit more depth to match the scottsman up front, but good joke im surprised no one has done before.


The joke is the notion that if both men and women wear skirt-like garments in Scotland there would be no difference in the bathroom signs, causing confusion for everyone. But I see what you're saying. It would also be funny if the idea was that the Scotsman wasn't sure which restroom to use because he was comparing how he was dressed to the signs. Hmm...


that is the best thing ever I love it

Rafael Bastos
Rafael Bastos profile pic Alumni

a good idea, but needs work!!


I've seen this before, but yours is done better. But yeah, I concur with frickinawesome, leave one as a normal man symbol and then a girl w/skirt symbol.

Neon Samurai

I've seen this concept submitted to Threadless before but, as Merzi says, your execution is better. However the design still doesn't feel quite finished.


loves it!


The only critique I have is that the plaid on the kilt looks a little strange-- maybe if it was done with diagonal lines rather than vertical/horizontal?

Cute concept!



D Ron

i like it 5$


As a foreign student in Edinburgh, I'd simply have to wear this!


haha!!! hilarious! 5 for this and i will definitely buy it!!!


Funny idea. A little more detail and it's even better.


clever, but it could be prettier


Very witty.
I love kilts, perfect design!


i really like the concept
i think it need to be improved, though
nice work!


It's a sweet design, but maybe I'm just being a little too OCD... doorknobs? Please?

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Hehe. Great idea! My instinctive thought was that it should have been normal gents/ladies signs and our kilted friend would be walking into the ladies (i.e rather than the joke being about Scottish toilets, making it about Scotsmen abroad making an embarassing error because the signage is lost in translation). Still sound though even if the execution is lacking a bit.


Made me laugh! I would agree with fatheed and others that tradition signage might work better however. You also might want to consider changing the kilt- the bright yellow pops out too much for me.
But overall, great job!



Thanks for voting, everyone!

If by some strange twist of fate this gets printed, I'm not quite sure what changes I would make for the final version. It seems like everyone wants this design to tell a slightly different joke...


Do you think it would be worth it if I tried to create and submit a new version of this joke incorporating some of your ideas, or should I just forget about it move on to something new?

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