Information Pipeline

Its about communication.

Watch this
Fat Mouse

wow, you worked a little on this dont'ya?
5 sir

juju eyeball

man, i would have gotten majorly confused trying to create all those twists and turns! i really like how its complex but looks simple. impressive work.


ha, reminds me of the screensaver in a good way

this is solid, 5


Haha the second guy's expression is love.


Aw, cute! I'd wear it for sure!


this is really interesting


I love the little dude


It's a series of tubes!
I'd like to see them twist all over the shirt, maybe going on to the back, too. But this one is great right now!


Ooh I love the blue and red!!! That is one of my absolute favourite colour combinations.

Shiv Katall

Personally I like the orange and green. 4$

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