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I love getting these emails.

Hi from!

We want to let you know that you made a sale at one or more of

your shops! Way to go!

Here is a summary of the items you sold:

1 Jr. Ringer T-Shirt (sweetdrawings9.39708578) - Size: Small - Color: Pink/Salmon @ $17.99 = $17.99 ($1.00 commission)

1 Ringer T (sweetdrawings9.39708575) - Size: X-Large - Color: Black/White @ $15.99 = $15.99 ($1.00 commission)

1 Ringer T (sweetdrawings9.39708575) - Size: Small - Color: Red/White @ $15.99 = $15.99 ($1.00 commission)

Log in to your account at and check out your

Sales Report to see more info.

Thank you for your contributions to the community and keep

up the good work!

Happy Selling!

I get reminded about every 6 months that I have a cafepress account. I made some drawings in MS paint in middle school and uploaded them. I have almost made enough commission to actually get paid!!!!

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Malcolm Man

Hell yes!!! Way to make some money dood!


Woohoo! I love selling overpriced low-quality apparel!


I'm going to Disneyland!


Good stuff. Oh Cafe Press


i really dig the arrowheads one


$1 commissions?! that's crazy talk man.


Thanks :)

Yeah, I don't care that much about making money. I don't want to charge people $20 for a t-shirt just so I can get my $5.


Feel free to buy any....


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