Brown Tees Suck.

I have so many brown shirts. Okay, I have one. But I don't like that it's brown. It doesn't go with the rest of my supremely colorful wardrobe. And so I can't buy other brown tees. And it makes me want to explode. Because I like this poem, and I want it on a shirt, and it would be lame (and, come to think of it, probably illegal) to just do an iron-on design. Gross.

Watch this

what colour pants or shorts do you wear?


Brown goes perfectly with jeans. Don't you ever wear jeans?

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brown is jesus with presents


my poop is brown. how can you NOT LOVE brown???


sometimes i make yellow brown


Do you not wear jeans?
This will look good with jeans.


brown is da shite

( see that I made a poo joke :) )


He has eaten the Fecal Jesus!


There are a hell of a lot of poop jokes here. Yes, I wear jeans. Okay, no. Unless it's pouring rain, I wear skirts. And they're not-going-well-with-brown skirts.

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