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Ok recently I posted two really shitty designs. The reason for this I will admit, one was out of desperation to post something, anything. Even a half assed idea with weak follow through, and another poor idea that should of been kept hidden away on my C: drive. But being the positive thinker that I am, I have learned a few things from this experience. The main thing learned was, stick to designing, my forte. Leave the illustrations to those who can actually draw and have been drawing for a hell of a lot longer than I have. I think I had the idea that illustration work, even the ones that don't look that good work. This is false. Bad drawings are bad drawings and I draw bad drawings, sorry for stinking up the joint round here. And sorry for what i said to ginnette in the comments. I actually really like your style. And i really appreciate the harsh criticism, i wished there were more people that outspoken. It improves the quality of posts overall.
2nd thing I learned today over dinner with a friend is that sampling/premade vector using/designing shouldn't be looked down upon as a way of T shirt making. With this in mind i think i could improve as a T-designer. Im a designer, always have been, i cant draw balls for shit so i'm gonna stick to what i know.

sorry had to rant.
see u round.

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balls are SUPER easy to draw, dude.

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