PLEEEEASE reprint this shirt!!!

This shirt is the entire reason why I joined Threadless! It was sold out by the time I made my profile, but I have been hoping and wishing that it will be reprinted... I check the website every day to see if it's available... even though I signed up to be emailed for it... what can I say - this shirt is GORGEOUS... and I want want want it.... PLEASE REPRINT!

Watch this


I haven't even seen this design! but reprint it so I can wear it!

maybe not the same color tshirt though... too many burgundy shirts in my drawer


They should reprint it in burgundy.... that's my favorite color...


yeah this shirt is frickin' badass, i've already hit reprint for it a ton of times. i hope it happens!


it reminds me of FLCL for some reason.


Well it was only just printed for the first time. Just wait until you get your e-mail. Chances are it won't be soon.


This is one of the most beautiful designs on this site, I think... I bought it as soon as it came out, but when it arrived it had a fault (hole in the front, middle of the design - can't wear it now, can't mend it without it showing)! Hence, I have to return it, but I can't wait for a reprint so I can buy another (hopefully non-faulty) tee in this design!




I want this shirt in a small PLEASE I love this shirt!

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