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  • by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

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thats pretty cool

not quite sure why the women are there but i don't have much else to comment on, everything is pretty consistent and all

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

actually john in goign with the eastern theme of teh fruit I think teh serene -ness of this is great


looks good, a bottom left placement would rock.

the unicorn rider

haha i love it... i would definitely wear it slash buy it

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

anyone know what these fruit are called exactly? It can't just be 'chinese peach' can it?

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

chinese birthday peaches .. odd huh


bottom right* sorry was thinking from my own perspective.

google would know what they are called. or maybe not, maybe it is a chinese peach. either way it works.


Congrats. I got the cannabalistic urge to eat the orientals.

staffell profile pic Alumni


.moto. profile pic Alumni

hahaha i love the fat women. nice work.


looks good as per usual - how about adding a georgia peach and she could offer the chinese a taste of her peach

your fat people are too great

staffell profile pic Alumni

John, have you ever tried drawing a realistically beautiful lady with huge boobies?

staffell profile pic Alumni


Whole Grains

you haven't been printed yet?

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

staffel and whole grains: nope
I really don't think I'm capable of drawing anything beautiful.


Brilliant! I love your illustration style. :)

Whole Grains

i think it's time for a print. i want this one please.

mezo profile pic Alumni

This looks nice, and not as "shock art" as many of your subs....sadly. You have a knack for creating illustrations overflowing with gruesome beauty. But, I understand your attempt here- one that is Threadless volumed turned down to appease the masses?

Anyway, about the art- have you considered possibly working with the mint green or kiwi shirt color? Naturally, making the leaves of the peaches the shirt color. I think it'd pop a lot more than shown here on the natural color. Also, I'd think about changing up your ladies' hair dos a bit so they don't look so cloned. Besides that- it looks perfect.

Lastly, would you mind if I started a fan club in your honor?


This is just beautiful. I would love to wear this!
The humor in it has a little softer edge to it than you usual designs. My only suggestion is perhaps a colour difference between the ladies and the background.


i love peaches.
i love fat people...well sometimes...

you are crazy ass.


funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

it looks great so far

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

mezo: first of all, thank you! However, I don't think I did this to appease to the masses. When I designed this I guess my only compromise was wether to have the girl covering her boobs or not. It was a tough call. I think your right about the green though, it's probably time to scrap the natural.
And you can start one only if its a sexy fan club. With sexy people.


i agree too with the shirt color comments of mezo , i can't possibly buy another natural shirt, and i would be very sad not to buy this if it were printed. oh, and all the chinese people i know just call them white flesh peaches.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

just one othe problem john .. there might be too many colors .. if im worng whatever I just wanted to give a heads up in case ..

and yeah it would look great on a sage/mint color

staffell profile pic Alumni

oh yeah wulla that's beautiful enough for me sucky sucky fie dolla


They are very sexy ladies, but your profile pic alarms me! $5.

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

yeah this is just a reaaaally rough version. I'm trying to make it four colors right now.


it looks really nice, love the colours.

you and your fat ladies, when will the madness stop.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

awesome cant wait to see it

mikemills profile pic Alumni

I don't think there's anything wrong with appeasing to the masses a little (not that you have at all!) - if we don't try and design shirts that we think these people want to wear and buy then we're just fooling ourselves as to what we're doing here. Anyways, your style is too close to Threadless-perfect to worry about it - it'll happen without you even having to try. This design is beautiful, by the way.

streetwise profile pic Alumni

^ agree and looks like it belongs on a $50 shirt instead of a $15.
we'll done. 5$

eva kant

love it, maybe it's not that t-shirt-fittable, but it's definitely cool. it made me smile in the moment I saw it, cause the fat ladies are so cute!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

john id buy the pink one for my girlfriend .. id love to be able to rock teh pink shirt but alas its not to be

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

yeah I don't think i'd wear the pink one either...... :) but I like it the best so far.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

dude, i am totally loving your style...and the natural color choice is perfect for this, the jade green color, might work with this, but i have a feeling it may be a bit too saturated or dark...the soft colors really comliment the design

travis76 profile pic Alumni

hey, i've come to borrow a peach. my food lady needs a poontang.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

JOHN, forgive me for not commenting on any of your designs from now on. Simply take the following, and apply it to whatever you produce:

"This, my friend, is amazing!"

Bramish profile pic Alumni

^Hmmm, sounds more sycophantic than intended.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

whoaa the pink is awesome, but the red branches on the natural are totally hot. you should definitely try to work out a color scheme to work with the kiwi shirt!! i don't know if threadless has ever printed a design on it before...

i bet your tiny fat people feel like hacky sacks!


y'know for once i actually think the natural color works. but it'd be a hard sell.

minty green might not go over well with some either - you should try brown, burgundy, or charcoal - it will definately change the feel of the piece - but i'd like to see how that looks.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I feel like such a perv when I look at this... but I really like it and I actually really like the pink version too. The subliminal nature of the peaches is astounding. I think my wife would kill me if I bought it, and she would surely never let me wear it out of the house. I would actually highly consider buying it in pink and it would be my first EVER pink shirt.

This design is turning out to be like crack to me for some reason.


ooo coool

shit ill wear pink. i have a pink shirt

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

thanks guys. I think I'm just gonna go ahead and sub the pink one, I feel like its the strongest out of the two. I'l just leave some other color options for the manly men from man-land. I tried to do a kiwi one but it was just too intense, but i'm still dtermined to make a design work on that color from hell.

jublin profile pic Alumni

millions of peaches!

this looks great. i would definitely second or third or whatever the idea of trying it on sagestone. sagestone is an awesome color and i bet you could come up with a real nice color scheme using some of these colors. do you think you would place this right in the middle or a little off centered? it might work better if it wasn't directly centered on the chest.


....can't think what to write..sweet,sweet pic, love all the edgier stuff from previous subs too.

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