hi hope you all like it vote 5$

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Zac wright

hi hope you all like it vote 5$


something about it doesnt look quite right.


the image of the girl has to actually break apart, not just copied birds pasted on her body drifting off, also dim down the ammount of birds, maybe 1/2. but overall by the way this has been done with butterflies and birds before. still pretty good, keep it up.


I like it, but not white on black... some other color scheme.

NJz Kollectionz

Maybe better if they were in bottom right with birds spreading
out across the rest of the shirt?


too many birds, it makes them look too obviously copied and pasted. and the little girls back half needs to be actually breaking into pieces, as pats2fat said. not bad, though.


love the concept, agree with whats been said up there, i think it would look cool on white with several different colors......good job though


i think one of the things that makes it look odd is that there isnt enough of a transition of the birds from the girl.


I love love love this.


more colors!!!!!

great concept! =)


i like this but there are too many birds...


I want this shirt...Black on white!


This is a really neat concept but needs developed more. I would get rid of some of the birds. I like the white on the black. This design does look really good on a tee. Maybe take the birds up to the left shoulder. Ilike this tee good job.:)


I like it but I agree it needs a little refining


The thing that totally ruins it is that one bird above the girl's head. Where the hell did that thing come from?

Josh Pereira

Very Nice! Try using colours.

Gelatin Rabbits make Very Good Hats

The concept is great--but I do agree; it needs a bit of fine-tuning. I would fade the birds and girl together a little more; and lessen the amount of birds as they get closer to the figures.


fewer birds, please.


Better if fine-tuned.

mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni

less birds and the girl has to go.
if it was a girl the boys age and she was waving as nonchalantly as he was, then the shirt would be way better.


enough with the bird silhouettes already.


I like the sort of concept, but something other than birds maybe, and a bit more dissolving of the kid, maybe move the two people a bit over from the side, that's not always the best place for the focus of a shirt

tweak it a little bit and I'll give it a 5!


A few less birds and the option to have the print in black on a black tshirt, red on a black tshirt, and white on a black tshirt.


Reminds me of Anansi Boys


yeah, I'm not getting the girl on the right- looks more like she's breakdancing than mourning.


My five back at ya. I love this man.


Love this design


I wish it were a diff color....I hate black shirts


mom looks like she is doing yoga not sad


I like black on white better than white on black


better with bottom right placement and I agree with ppl on the girl has to go... would buy it without the girl FORSURE ..its a RAD idea

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