DO YOU WANT - - threadless statistics ????

dontcha wish

there was threadless statistics

you know like, flickr statistics.
too see how our designs fared
among the threadless demographic.

broken down into how many
• 5's i'd buy
• comments
• links or reffers on other sites
• breakdown on site traffic to his or her submissions
• how many 0's
• how many skipped-with-out-votings

suppose a threadless member was in
financial ruin because of his divorce from
"his wife--the whore"
and he needs money to hire a lawyer
this can help

or suppose a 17.5 year old kid doesnt
know where his art is going, and he
needs direction, but he doesnt know
what people like or dislike about his work
this can help!

or suppose your name is joshua agerstrand
and you know that although people like your work
you dont feel that many of your illustrations
are sellable and you wish
to try and make some new designs
that are very printable
this can help!

what do you guys think?

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ladrones profile pic Alumni

camman! this is gold!

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

Probably beats feng-shu-ing your work room.

andyg profile pic Alumni

You don't need stats. Just get it over with and do food with faces!


Can it help me with alcholism?


Last night, I had a dream that a cat was going to take a shit.
(YA rly)
Your current design has invaded my subconscious!

spacesick 2

I want threadless to make your life harder. I couldn't understand most of the words up there, but I sure did like the pictures! :D

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

suppose a threadless member was in
financial ruin because of his divorce from
"his wife--the whore"
and he needs money to hire a lawyer
this can help


fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

And YES to stats.


that's the coolest chart ever


Yeah, I think the Threadless guys are looking at stuff like that and like to keep it a little secret.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

yes about alcoholism.

lunchboxbrain- i know whatchur talking about but there has to be some compromise in this compromise.

see i want to be sellable with out changing my work to threadless-convention, which is the only glitch i believe that threadless has right now.

the printing process is soo much of a mystery, if somebody wants to try to cater to thier audience, they either have to have a inhuman understanding of what the community wants, like flying mouse.

i cant do food with faces, if im going to make someting for the people i have to do it my way, but a tool like this could really help me.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

this idea came about when i went pro
on flickr and found that i had stats.

this submission, which i had deemed a complete
and utter failure, is my most view illustration of flickr

maybe if i saw the states on it, and saw that either
the voting was polerize on it.
or it was either 5$ or 0's i might have understood to re work it
or give it a second chance

ladrones profile pic Alumni

chelly -- yes yes best chart in the world

i dreamt that you modeled my line of fashionable mech suit body armor and you were destroying the city,
and you looked pretty good doing it,
and then you were gonna shoot me with a missle
but then your glowing red eyes changed to normal
and you smiled and waved, and then walked away
continued to destroy the city in a fashionalbe manner

NomadSlim profile pic Alumni

Man, I don't know if stats can help you. I love your work and would be glad to buy it. Have you tried submitting to DBH? It's less money maybe, but more 'artsy'.


FACT: i was wearing "two man enter.." yesterday.

FACT: not many people i know seem to like the design- they say it is scary.

FACT: this makes me love it EVEN MORE.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

i wouldnt mind subbing to dbh,
but i dont believe that is the soulution.

i'd rather find a way to make my work
work here. because im a part of this
community, and i started my work on here
and if i can , i would like most of my work to be
printed here, because i believe in this place.

its jut hard to figure out where i fit into it,
because i will not do puns and i will not do fwf,
i just need tools to figure this out.

see the only thing is, there soo much niceness
and support from friends and bloggers here
that all i hear is great 5$ and that doesnt
help me out at all.

now i know what i need to do, to make
my art work. but now, i want to figure out
how to make a sellable tee shirt.

my shirts dont sell well besides mr. brown
and i wanna change that, because
this is what i do.

i make tee shirts all day
and i want to make work
that this community
my community
will buy.

spacesick 2

maybe you should have blogged about it in the alumni forum, as we out here don't know about art or care about making this a place to better ourselves as artists?

NomadSlim profile pic Alumni

I care.

Hey Ladrones, if you're interested I might have a concept your style would fit well if you want to collaborate. Let me know and I can shoot you some info.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

I think it's just right that ladrones blogged it in the general forum since he's trying to look for other perspectives how the general community feels about his works. Who should comment more though are the general public who feels selfish to vote high as they see that some of his designs aren't wearable and appropriate.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

nomadslim, i'd be interested but i gotta empty a giant plate right now.

spaceman- dont tlak to me you non-purple people eater
or do you wnat to eat my purple people meat?

spacesick 2

I was joking, roadkill3d you sillypants!

ladrones - maybe. meat me outside the back fire exit in 20 minutes.

olie! profile pic Alumni


Spaceisck mayby you should have plogged ab out your face in the alumni forum HARDEE HAR HAR
ladronse for Chancellor of the Universe in 1917

Edword profile pic Alumni

first off I think you've been pretty successful here

2 prints on your own
3 colab prints

and a soild fan base (including me).

I blogged about the stats a couple days ago, it would be cool to see the stats of less successful design more so then the ones that are high scoring.

I'd like to know the average demographics of a threadless voter
age and sex

but I think theadless likes to keep these stats to them self. It make the site more oragnic. If the stats started to me come known among designers , designers might not even submit any more or designs might all zero in on one very successful style making for a bland pool of designs to print from.

that all being said I would like to see stats maybe just from a sample design one that was popular among the blogger but tank in the score.

spacesick 2

aww fuck! olie, I'm so gonna FLAME ur azz at the OTHER forum! ur gonna pheel it in the morning, bruva, I tell u that much!

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

I don't understand you mericans!!!

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

btw sometimes it's hard to put a really solid critique when you don't have the slightest idea how to better you own work. That's where you find me saying just "Awesome"


flickr stats make me want to punch things, though


oh wait i dont actually sub

spacesick 2

I think I should go pro there. I hit the 200 limit a few weeks ago and had to delete shit


oh mitch, man, you are already a PRO

spacesick 2

aww whadda YOU know? you're not even a member of the black rock art collective!


i don't even KNOW, man.

i don't KNOW nothin'!

ladrones profile pic Alumni

yeah the pro account is really worth it, its just a few bucks,
and if you think about who you meet at flickr, and who looks at your work, its kinda worth 30 bucks to go the little extra and get some pro action.

-- edword, i know where your coming from, the data your interested is really compelling.

i know the need to make the data private, but maybe there could be some kinda confidentiality thing where its supposed to be data between the company and your eyes only,
just so you can figure out more about yourself.

im really just wondering if this is feesable,
i was reading. the .inc article and they were talking about how much threadless depends on thier community for idea's and this one has been stewing in my head for a while

thanks for all the nice word bout' mah werk mr.word.

its not that i dont feel sucessful i just want to get more work out and i've got a lot of financial family problems at home, and i want to fix them, i need to really become a subbing machine.


sounds kind of cool.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

yea yea yea yea yea baby baby

olie! profile pic Alumni

I still wish for free cookies on the blogs on Fridays.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i like the way you are selling this


what kind of cookies????

now i want a cookie.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

gender statistics would be great.
i tired to make a design for women
if you look at the stock chart on this shirt
it doesnt seem like too many women jumped on the

with this i was trying a completely new direction.
i wish i had breakdowns on both of these shirts,
and i would know where to move from there.


I really dig your work, if that matters at all. I think you're just fine subbing older stuff at DBH. They'd probably like your style, you have the potential for some money (you don't seem to care about that?), and theres always more people looking into your stuff.

For you to get printed here maybe you could try less gruesome designs? Maybe stuff with a nice story behind it?

ladrones profile pic Alumni

Steve Buscemi is the best actor ever!

threadless cookies are people!!!!!

aled profile pic Alumni

It would be interesting, Josh, but I quite enjoy the mystery of it all. I am still trying to work out the BTTF chart...

ladrones profile pic Alumni

soldier of gondor- this totally isnt bout' me, its about others like me who are having a hard time figuring out where there art fits in here.

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