The Collector Of Tees

  • by hifashn
  • posted May 16, 2008

an homage to a classic from a tee shirt lover!

(8 colors...bars start at bottom of collar and follow the curve)


Watch this

an homage to a classic from a tee shirt lover!

(8 colors...bars start at bottom of collar and follow the curve)


I'm sure someone out there is scratching their head over this one.


hehe sweet
love the book..
...and the shirt!


all of J.D. Salinger's books are printed like this. i love them all.

Merboy profile pic Alumni

hahaha nice




this is pretty dang smart


Honestly, whoever doesn't realize what this shirt is a referance to, then they obviously didn't go to high school.

Cool design though!

TheArtRobot profile pic Alumni

I like this a lot, I would just want the shirt without the words on it though.
Nice one.


Without the text and on a colour other than white, grey maybe I'd definitely wear this.


nice concept....


no i say definitely definitely keep the text! the text all centered like that is what makes the reference clear, plus i personally think the shirt would be boring with nothing but those stripes on the shoulder. very very creative! good work!


this is really cool, definitely something i'd wear.


nice, i don't think it will get printed but the idea is great :) 5$


I love it, but I don't love the text. If it referenced literature instead of t-shirts I'd totally buy it. Hands down.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

i like the idea of the jd sallinger book design on a shirt.
but im not sold on the text

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

I agree the text could be something a little more thoughtful, but losing the text doesn't make sense.


I have never seen these books so I think i best skip voting this one!


Without the text, it's just a little rainbow in the corner...
But I agree, something more creative for the text maybe, this is a really cool idea.

Monkey X
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This may possibly be the greatest shirt design that I have EVER seen! Without the text the shirt will lose all intended meaning.


I must say that I adore shirts that refrence literature!!!!

owen skyser-gray

i appreciate this shirt in that people who out-and-out say "i don't get it" when they see it are people i probably don't want to associate with.


not sure if i dig the text (could be cleverer)
but love the concept and styling!

ladrones profile pic Alumni

dont get me wrong, i love literary referances,
but i hate shirt referances.

make a cleaver play on one of his books or one of his short stories,
i'd totally be sold


best one so far!!


I'd say work with them kerning please


I don't get it. It's clear from the comments it's a reference to a Catcher in the Rye school text probably used by millions of Americans, but I'm Australian and my copy of The Catcher in the Rye looked like this and that's from a British site so theirs probably looked like that too. I just don't think international viewers will like this.


so far no one that has disliked my text has proposed anything "cleverer"...and to make a title off of one of J.D. Salinger's titles that didn't reference tshirts would not make any sense on Threadless for tshirt lovers! duhhhhh...
anyways...i'm glad it has sparked a little something.


It took me awhile to realize it was a Catcher in the Rye reference. I knew it was a reference to one of J.D. Salinger's novels, but I wasn't sure if there was another novel of his that fit the "collector" theme more. But I do like it! Mostly because A. I loved the book, and B. I'm sadly addicted to buying t-shirts.


Love that its based on Catcher in the rye, but not clear enough.

Honestly, I would buy it if it was just the Catcher in the Rye, straight up.


I'm not sure if this design is reserved for JD though....I think this may just be a generic graphic used by a publisher. I could be wrong...I do know that all of his books first prints had different covers than this.

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