Beaver Circus Spectacular!

Imagine a circus, a wonderous canvas cathedral of delights, with tiny flags flapping about its roof. The sweet smell of stale, bubblegum candy floss floating on a summery breeze with the muffled sounds of clowns honking each others cherry red noses coming from within. But wait, this is no ordinary circus, hopping from town to town, with freaks in tow, charging two buck a gander with no refunds at the door. Hang up your hang ups, no elephant dung hot-dogs are served here. We have crocodile dancers, apple-head bobbin' boys, philosophic jugglers with a fondness for a wee dram and awe-inspiring fire-breathing Weeces. Here magic truely, osrt of exists, where the floors are sticky with excitement. Welcome, my friends, to the fuzzy majesty and high quality all pine wood interior of the Beaver Circus Spectacular!

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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i want to eat that candy apple

Mountain Gnome

This shirt is just so much better in real life than on the screen, the fuzzy ink is fantastic! Thanks Jon!

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