more so GREAT news (update 8)


two months later and we have a platelet count of 208! all is promising. we didn't get to see the doctor, so i'm not sure when we'll be testing him again. thanks again for everyone's support.


Lucky 7! His platelet count is 160!!!! This means he's normal and healthy. We'll have to keep an eye on him to make sure we don't see symptoms, pretty much for the rest of his life. Next blood draw isn't for 2 months! I feel so relieved and happy for him. Thanks again for everyone who was so supportive. It's been a tough time and kind words help ease the mood.


We just got the new new platelet count: 95 (normal starts at 150).
His body is healing at a normal rate for a kid his age and our next checkup isn't for another month. The doctor says Ferris can fall from 4 feet and hit his head and we'll not have to worry about brain hemorrhaging. What a funny thing to be excited about, but we are.
Here's hoping that the next month is completely uneventful!

subnote: i was totally wrong about this visit being the 6 week marker, it was actually 4 weeks so we are right on schedule


The new platelet count is 61, yay!
Our next blood test is three weeks away. Apparently this puts us at the 6 week marker where most kids his age are back to normal. We're trying to stay positive since his body is now readjusting itself w/o the medicine. We still can't travel far (unless there's a cancer treatment center nearby), but otherwise all signs point to good. :)


Well, we got the results of the Monday platelet count: 26

It went down a lot since Friday, but still not enough for him to get any medication from Children's Mercy. There's nothing we can do but monitor him. We are suppose to take him back for another recount in a week, but at this rate we will be taking him in the next couple days. Poor kid! He's not allowed to play hardly at all, for fear of new bruises. Tonight I watch him alone as my roommate goes to night class; I am terrified of the worst.


Well last night we were at the local ER because the boy had a lot of red dots and bruises that all showed up very quickly. They tested his platelets and they were down to 35 (150 is the lowest for a healthy person; last time he had 7). They don't want him to go up to the ER at Children's Mercy Hospital (they have the medication) unless his platelets drop to 20. So, we have to monitor him all weekend to make sure he doesn't bleed, bump into anything, get a fever, or get a lot more red dots. If he does, then it is back to the ER to draw more blood to check his platelets. We have an appt w/ our pediatrician on Monday to check his platelets regardless. I guess this is pretty normal, although I don't remember anyone telling me that. He could be like this for the next three months (or his life, but we hope not) if he is like other kids with this problem. They try to not give him the medicine for low platelets unless it is an emergency (below 20?) because it is really hard on a person's internal organs, especially a toddler. Just wanted to keep people updated. This is all the information I have, so I'm sorry if you have questions that I can't answer.


Good news! His platelet count is 187 (150 is low; 400 is high) and he is okay! He gets to go back to daycare and we're waiting to hear when his follow-up appointment is going to be. Probably, he gets more blood drawn in six weeks. He hates it, but I can't blame him. Today, we are all taking a really long nap.

Again, thank you everyone for caring.


it is called ITP, i was out of it and typed it wrong
it is when the healing platelettes in your body are too low to fix yourself
we got into the children's hosppital w/ his count at 7

it was a bit of a nightmare because emergency care takes a long time
they were very nice
the worst was the IV they had to put on him (and take off later)
he had terrible tremors before we left

we have to keep an eye on him for the next few days and take him back to the doctor on tuesday to see what his platelette count is and go from there

he can't bump into anything or he'll get an bruise that will be like internal bleeding

the doctors all say this isn't hereditary
we're exhausted
we almost lost our child had we waited one more day

i'll update again as i learn more
thank you so much for all the positive energy

some of you might remember my roommate's time in the hospital w/ IPT

now my son has it and we're waiting for the doctor to tell us if the children's hospital will take him

more news as available

please send good thoughts


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mezo profile pic Alumni


It does not sound good.

I am sorry.

thinks good thoughts real hard


awe man. there's a lot of bad news goin around at the moment.

you got my good vibes


i found something called insulin potentiation therapy


oh no! I'm so sorry! I really hope they both get better soon! :o(

mezo profile pic Alumni

IPT has something to do with pool, taxes, or cancer....I hope it's not the latter.

much loves to you

spacesick 2

oh shit that doesn't sound good! good thoughts


Poor guy... how can stuff like this keep happening? :-(

I too will be thinking good thoughts.

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

i will pray for him chelly. I wish you the best of luck

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni


mezo profile pic Alumni

dacat profile pic Alumni

sorry to hear this, hope things turn out for the better


sending good vibes procured by listening to peter bjorn and john... and the remainder of my good karma


I am so sorry to hear that-I am definitely sending good thoughts

the czar

Sending our best thought your way.

aled profile pic Alumni

:( Sorry to hear that. Prayers are with you and you family. Not sure what IPT is but anything that involves hospital is clearly bad news.


The first entry in Wikipedia for IPT is "It's Party Time"

Which I hope is a sign of good things to come for your family in the future.




oh noes!! that sounds awful! what can they do for him??
(((e-hugs for you & yours)))

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

calls forth spirit of supreme goodwill

Tonteau profile pic Alumni


I don't know what ipt is, but I hope your kid get's better super quick, Chelly. God bless ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, tonteau.

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

:( aww chelly, i dont know what ipt is either, but im sending all the possible good thoughts i can your way. hope everything is ok!


Sending the good vibes your way!


Good vibes. they have been sent.


your in the prayers chell

herky profile pic Alumni

positive thoughts and energy sent your way- hope he gets better quickly.


updated w/ more info

thank you all for being so supportive


oh wow chelly, i wish you well.

mezo profile pic Alumni

If there is anything we can do, chells, let us know. My heart is with you right now.


best wishes Chelly. Hugz to the little one and you.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

holy crap Chells! So sorry the ER took its toll on your little guy. Yeah, it's not a good site when a child gets an IV in, I feel bad for the little fellas every time. So glad you caught this, and best wishes on his recovery.

Mountain Gnome

Chelly is that similar to Haemophilia?

I wish your child all the best, hope his platelet count rises soon.

Best Wishes from the mountain gnome


omgosh chelly , that's awful, sick kids are always heartbreaking hugs and positive thoughts .


oh my god, chellz. My thoughts and prayers are with you!


Well damn. We can only hope for the best.

Up platelets Up!


aw Chelly, my heart is with you. Prayers and hugs are coming your way. ((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))

how old is he ?

olie! profile pic Alumni

wow I am very sorry to hear that, I hope the best for you and your son.


best wishes to you and the whole family. I've never been in such a situation before so I apologize for not having very much to offer, but I want you to know my thoughts are with you and that my family and I are all praying for the best for your son.

tiphaine profile pic Alumni

chelly, i am thinking good thoughts for you and your little guy.

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

I wish you the and your family the best.

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