A big, warm welcome to our newest employee!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted May 07, 2008

Hey everyone, Jake here. I'd like to share some very exciting news with you.

Thanks to you, Threadless is still growing like gangbusters. On top of that, we have tons of new Threadless ideas that we want to make real. We also have a number of additional skinnyCorp projects that we want to launch. In order to make sure we can do all this stuff, I decided it would be a good idea to hire someone who could help.

It had to be someone with the right background, who understands skinnyCorp / Threadless and shares our vision to grow the company with passion, honesty and integrity. We searched high and low, east and west, and in our tee shirt drawers, and we found a guy who we're really excited about. His name is Tom Ryan and he just started working here as our new CEO.

Tom's been working on the web since '96 when he started an indie music download company called Cductive, which was bought by eMusic. He also worked at Virgin Mobile USA and EMI Music, where he oversaw the company's global digital business. Tom's spent most of his career helping grow companies that bridge the creative world and technology / web world. We're glad that he's here to help us with that at skinnyCorp / Threadless.

Tom will work closely with me, Jeffrey, Harper, and the rest of the skinnyCorp team. In partnering with Tom, it will free up a lot of my time to focus more on new, fun and strategic ideas for the company to pursue. My new title will be CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) and I will be strategeree-izing all kinds of awesomeness for everyone starting NOW! Look out!

A big warm welcome to Tom! Yay :)

Jake Nickell

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ir0cko profile pic Alumni

hey there, tom!


"Tom the Bomb."

I'm just throwing that out there. Use it if you want. Just remember to pay royalties.


hey Tom

quister profile pic Alumni

I can't judge a book without a cover, where's your mug shot?

zipperking profile pic Alumni

dude you spelt my name wrong....it's jon barthell not tom ryan. you're fired.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Give 'em hell, Tom!


haha, what up Tom?!


Oh man! if you guys need any ides for initiation of the newbie employee, Torakamikaze totally has a hazing blog!

skaw profile pic Staff

yea bananaphone, our job titles are really pretty much BS... formalities.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

Yay for TOM -

maybe he can fix that first comment link thing .... grumble

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

welcome, tom!

can't wait to hear what you guys are planning for threadless and skinnycorp...

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

i need a green card!!!!!! i want to be hired from you guys,l, so i can leave Chile!!!!!!!!!! i can mop and whistle the Brandemburg concertos at the same time

The Tom

Hey everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome. I am really excited to be a part of Threadless. I'm spending my first week working in the warehouse shipping orders, familiarizing myself with the company, and getting to know the great people here at the Threadless HQ better. I am looking forward to immersing myself in the community and getting to know you better.

Tom Ryan

skaw profile pic Staff

hey isaboa - tom made me fix the bug right now so it's good and fixed now. i think. :)

olie! profile pic Alumni

hello Tom!


Welcome TOM ! what an exciting career !!!
and can't wait to experience Jake's strategerr-izing awesomeness!

aled profile pic Alumni

Is it true that one of the first things Tom is going to do this summer is increase the prize for winning Threadless?

In line with inflation.

zipperking profile pic Alumni

^seriously, gas was $4.06 a gallon today :(

the czar

Welcome to Threadless! If you were part of the wonderfulness that is emusic, I have high hopes for what you will do here.
Emusic is like crack for music fans.

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

You should hire alvarejo, and he can be your whistling, tap-dancing janitor like fizzy in Bugsy Malone.

steven218 profile pic Alumni

welcome to a nice company, hope you enjoy it fella.

aled profile pic Alumni

Is it true that Tom will oversee the realisation of Threadless London?

d3d profile pic Alumni

matt has a point about the job titles. you should make them things like stuntman, pilot, cosmonaut, etc.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

does Tom have a fake account yet?

Welcome Tom!

pilihp profile pic Alumni

who would win in a hand-to-hand battle to the death... Threadless Tom or Myspace Tom?

aled profile pic Alumni

Hopefully our Tom won't sell to Rupert Murdoch. I am so under surveillance now for typing that name.

The Tom

I would crush MySpace Tom. No doubt!

zipperking profile pic Alumni

what an awesome episode of TeeV that would make :)

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