Tim and Eric Awesome Tour

  • by pinkies
  • posted May 06, 2008

Well me and two of my close buddies went to the Tim and Eric Awesome Tour yesterday, May 6. Just got about about an hour ago actually. Anyways, my shirt was a hit! Tim complimented it, along with Seth Green! Seth even showed me off to one of the writers of Robot Chicken! Seth asked where I got the shirt, and i totally plugged threadless to him. :D Thanks threadless for being so awesome, and making me look awesome!! :]

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jublin profile pic Alumni

radicool! i love tim and eric. i wanted to go so badly! In LA, right? I went to the event they had during comiccon last summer and it was so much fun. They are such nice guys and really seem to love their fans. Dang at me missing it!


here's a pic:

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

omg i met them too
so funny!


^^didn't the show just reek of awesomeness!?

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