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Assaulted Pretzel

The pretzels... they speak to me.

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jplarose80 profile pic Alumni

The pretzels... they speak to me.


It takes too much time to get the joke. I wish there were something to suggest 'assault'. A salt and battery does it for itself. this feels forced. but cute.


i think the broken pretzel says assault pretty well!?


i love how they look kind of shocked. not sure if that what was meant, but i'd rate it anyway ♥

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I like the premise here, i think it could be strengthened up a bit by maybe the salted pretzel being completely assaulted with the salt, with like a big pile of salt crunching it to pieces?


I got it right away. There is genius in the subtle humor. Keep up the great work.


Yea you should give more detail, it just looks like a pretzel with a bite in it, add clothes and stuff.


haha! nice work here, i probably would've overdone it with crime scene evidence number cards.


.they doo looked shocked!

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