Human Thaumatrope

As the preview shows the shirt is printed in boyh sides.

Watch this
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As the preview shows the shirt is printed in boyh sides.

Ipso Facto

Reminds me of Sleepy Hollow.


Maybe put the explanatory caption on the shirt itself? Or does that ruin the joke?

Tyrannosaurus Dex

This is one of the greatest ideas ever. I hope it prints.


Funny idea, but I don't know if it works without the caption.


LOL LOLOLOL LOLOL Love it. As pajamasquid said though, I don't know how many people would really get it without the caption. Still rocks.


I think you should leave it as it is... since when does everyone have to get something... let it be a mystery.

zenbolic vision

loooooooooool and they get see u puke in their face too :P


I remember learning that trick in elementary school art class. AWESOME! I like it better without the caption.



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I included de caption to explain to the voters how it works.
I'm keeping to the original Thaumatrope design where mistery is solved after spining, I think this is the best.
Thanks for all the comments!!


You cant make it work, unless someone is staring at you through a narrow slit. Otherwise, the images are just a blur... cool idea though.


clever use of a classic


It's so much better without the caption. That way, when someone asks you "what's with the shirt", you can spin around and show them. LOL.


omg i want this shirt!!! it soooo cute!!! 5$


add the hand written textm ftw!!




italic textYou cant make it work, unless someone is staring at you through a narrow slit.italic text

lol, so give your peeping tom something interesting to look at! i love this, it was always my favorite thing on trips to the museum. $5


I signed up for this just so I could tell you off. You are the most unoriginal person I've ever seen on here. Seriously, could you steal an idea from Stefan Sagmeister and make it any more obvious? I would never show this idea to anyone because you could expect a lawsuit.


whoa simonsays, you know how to read, right? did you catch the cute little caption next to the comment box that says "Remember, be nice!" hmm ?
like no one has ever been unoriginal before. gimme a break, man. it was a good t shirt idea


Really cool. But I know I wouldn't get it without the caption D:

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Dear SimonSays, I just googled Mr. Sagmeister and I couldn`t find any work of him related to the Thaumatrope, so please, if you have a link post it so I can take a look at what you talking about.
If I'm stealing for someone is from Peter Roget, Dr. John Ayrton of Paris, or Dr. Fitton of London, the three persons credited (depending of the source) for the invention of the Thaumatrope in 1825. But I don't think that they have made any shirts.

Thanks for all the comments!

Fear Is My Copilot

SimonSaysDesign13 is a dick. This is great. Finally a Threadless design worth talking about. Sagmeister is just like many other contemporary designers: steal from as obscure a source as you can. This heightens the perception of your own originality.


Great idea!


How many idiots are gonna spin themselves crazy when they get this shirt!? It's gonna be a whole new wave of you tube videos! LOL!


There was another idea like this
but of a person running
it had animation to show it working :D


sleepy hollow :)
very nice


but on those card things the cage is upside down to the bird...
awsome design though

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Akgirl89, yo are right, in the original Thaumatrope the cage is up side down and the reason is that the card will spin vertically, and you need to have the cage tihis way to complete the ilusion.
As I designed the shirt, I realised that as wearing it you will sipn horizontally to make it work, so the cage can be in the normal position.
Thanks for all the comments!!


i love it, ignore simonsaysdesign13, who is simply jealous. 5!

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awesome idea. some text maybe needed to explain the concept on the shirt though. 5!

Big Ed

This is freaking fabulous. I hope it gets printed. All of my film history students would get it.

Big Ed

I also like how you employed the most often used example for making thaumatropes because it makes it so much more classic.


$5 for animation-history!
I think this is clever.

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i like the concept, but it could be mistaken from the front for a creative recreation logo.


This is so clever! Absolutely love it.. $5


no text, its much better that way


no text, as if people have never seen the original imagery. $5


One thing I'm tired of seeing on this site is people being pricks because they don't get a t-shirt.

Just because a few people can't understand it, doesn't mean that majority won't, either.

This is a HILARIOUS shirt. I can just imagine all the awkward and hilarious moments that will stem from it.

I hope this gets printed, it's by far the best design I've scored.

5 and a would buy


This is funny, I get it! (and I would love to see people try to get it to work when they wear it, haha)
I think it looks fine without a caption, it looks good as it. If anything, though, just include the caption on the "About the shirt" section if it wins, so when people are looking to buy it, they understand what it is.
This gets a 5 from me :D


This is awesome, definitely DO NOT add any text, it will completely ruin the design.


This is crazy funny. My opinion? No text, for sure, and maybe a different color shirt. I don't really care for the blue....A white, maybe, or off-white frosty blue? I think the contrast would be better if the color was lighter.

Monkey X
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Cleverest I've seen at threadless. And it's not cute!!!! (I was beginning to think love was the ONLY answer). Thanks!

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