FRESH gallery pics! We're shooting again!

<small>Coming soon!</small>

Done and done! and YAHTZEE!

Yesterday I went shooting with my friend Wilhelm who is part of Emperatron, thee coolest, hippest, youngest, freshest, wildest music-collective this side of the pond (also known as the Atlantic sea!) So if their beats grab you by the hips, bee sure to spread the ever-loving word and help them make it BIG!

Enough jabber. Rockers's Delight is one of my oldest shirt so I've been planning the product shot for it about a million years. I started hunting down cool record stores a couple of weeks ago and desided to go with Stupido. Or actually Stupido wasn't my first-first pick, but it was closer than the first-first place. The kind folks at Stupido let us shoot as long as we wanted and we rumbeled away. I'm really pleased with the outcome!

Fingers crossed for product pageing material! X!

Shooting The Greatest Connection is one of the most fun and demanding shoots I've done to this day! We (yours truly and Julius Koivisitoinen shot it in early spring 2009 and the weather was freezing! I got a cold after the shoot! That's how we roll!

We went for a double-exposure with this one, firing the strobes twice. It was a 3.2 second exposure in which time I always leaped through the air and faced "myself". It was quite intresting because we could always just guess the outcome of that precise shot. Only basic adjustments were made in Photoshop (exposure, saturation etc.) Product page! (and may I add, well deserved!)

<small>I went for a little darker look myself for the product shot</small>

Okay here is the slow period, only three pictures in a year!

I've gotten my nephews a bunch of Threadless shirts ('cause there's no shirts, like Threadless shirts!), but it sucks that I don't see them often enough, and thus I can't really take the product pictures that I would want to take with them.. Here's Ludwig shouting, running, sporting Mr. Choppy and exhausting my brother.

Parable Paranoia shot in december 2008. My brother read a scary owl-book that glowed red! Product page! :)

Cowichan photographed byJulius Koivisitoinen Notice the intriguing pixel-theme! Product page!

I'm getting my dad a second shirt and I need your help choosing it!

Yayay for third product pic! This time kudos to my brother and his second shirt!

Yay and hooray for another product pic! That origami hat was quite challenging to make :P

I finally managed to submit some good quality gallery pics. The trick was to submit them as .png rather than .jpg (thanks to Vindemiatrix for that). Anywho, I'm REALLY excited that Red Moon Replay became a product pic, so yay for Threadless for choosing it and yay for more stps :)

I'm a bit obsessive with the order i sub them, so I had to take the Heavy Metal Listening Party photo before i could submit them here, wierd me.

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I like you, kid.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

i say it again, you're one driven model

also just a few days ago i was wondering if it was a myth that they would choose a prodcut pic form somene subbing it, godd to see it's not, congrats to you

ladrones profile pic Alumni

he's gotta be the best 17yr old kid here.

you win pal

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

youve got my approval

and my approvals worth like... $175 in monopoly moneys!



yayay! thanks guys! and wowzor for approvals worth monopoly money! I never saw that one coming!

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

hey nice going, armas

finland represent

andyg profile pic Alumni

You're going to be a superstar on Threadless!


haha, how did you guess? :D


mikko that is :D

Tess Fondie

you better get the 10 points for this one:

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

I recognize a finn when I see one.


nice one mikko :D

and no tess, i didn't!

ant thanks again priscilla!

and yay sicko!


and lets make that a img!

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I used to be the coolest 17 year old around! sob


Skippy, but you are 18 now and have a print! I'm jealous!

Thanky thanks, kind sirs! It was actually my friend ho shot it (again)!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

congrats on #2!

ladrones profile pic Alumni

i love hte nazi pic! great


Well someone has to keep ze ordnung around hier! Ja?

ladrones profile pic Alumni

moyes hoonan, nookin?

i know it didnt spell that right




ladrones profile pic Alumni



I want an origami hat!


this one for only $99.99! exclusive offer, only for you!


We strike back! For the third time :) !


Wilson socks ftw!

Malcolm Man

You look a lot older than 17.


It's the wig.


WERE BACK! This time it's my father who stands in front of the camera, and you should have just seen the incredible passion and effort he put into the photo shoot! Well no, but I'm very satisfied :)

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

thats u i think


yes that is yeas

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

your dad's hat rules - what a cool dude

ladrones profile pic Alumni

your almost as cool as dennis hopper


Whopaa! Let's get rumbling again!


combined with



oh boohoo! damn you flickr damn you html!

combined with EXCITEMENT, SURPRISE and other fun things!

stay tuna!


you wearing what? Squeeze?

I'm wearing

which also will be participating in the next shoot.

Pump up the glycerine!


boo.. that will have to wait to monday, atleast.. I think..


I knew it was too good to be true. Maybe I'll do when I get home. I just have to find the perfect table..

Atleast Rockers made product page! Yatta! Still got it :)

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