I Don't Remember Anything...

  • by bullman10
  • posted Apr 14, 2008

What a moment after waking up from last night could be like.

Watch this

What a moment after waking up from last night could be like.


It screams kid with paint more than serial killer to me.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i get what you're going for, but the way you've approached it can be done by anyone with a blank tshirt and red paint, and it would be cheaper.


i've been there...


this doesn't scream murder to me. maybe if the hand prints appeared to be wiped on and maybe on the side/back of the shirt.

drewwise profile pic Alumni

Looks like you downloaded other peoples photoshop blood brushes and made this in 5 mins. :/


white_hat, you scare me.

I don't care for the shirt, and I agree with both cyanidee and drewwise.


that makes two of us...berrynoir?


my 5 yr old has this exact shirt, thanks to acrylic paint and daycare kids....


I've seen stuff like this before.


I think you'd probably get more sprays and big splotches. But maybe I've been watching too much CSI.


well actually I splattered paint and my handprint and scanned it then refined it in photoshop. it took a few hours but thanks for the constructive comments!

heyzus stephanie

yes, it seems more like kid with paint then serial killer. the hands are too small.


i kind of have small hands for a dude. but in response to all the kids with paint I never said anything about murder so obviously it must make you think of that since so many people have said it. psychology rocks.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

red is a pretty powerful colour and we'd be dumb not to assume you meant for it to be blood.


Well you stated "What a moment after waking up from last night could be like." so that sounds like killer to me like oops looks like i killed someone last night...oh well time to make breakfast.


Not to sound rude.. but this looks like a drunken night of sex with a girl on her rag.... :/

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