Sand Lame

I love the design of this shirt, however I think its totally wrong for it to be printed onto a "sand" coloured shirt. I'd try it on creme or better yet on a gray or silver!

Watch this

silver would have been sweet, but if I had had to buy another creme shirt.. blah! I like it on sand.


Love the design as well. Unfortunately, sand makes me look a bit like a corpse.


yes, i'm kinda wishing it weren't on a sand colored t. that's literally the only thing keeping me from snapping it up. sadness.


I agree! Sand has to be the most unflattering color! BUT LOVE THE DESIGN! LOVE IT!


posting a shirt for you all entitled SAND BANDITS.


What about a chocolate color? That might be nice! And not as washy-outy as beige or cream


Yeah, I took one look at this shirt, went OMG THIS IS SO COOL! I LOVE THE CONCEPT! and I read the author's comment and I loved it even more... and then I realized that sand makes me look naked or sunburned, depending. Bleergghh. I really want a reprint in a different color! Maybe black, gray, blue or yellow?


Agree... The design is soooo beautiful and I totally want it. just love it!
oh... but sand!? not many people look good in such colour I guess... (not me) :(

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