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  • posted Apr 08, 2008

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Fantastic message!

Most people don't realize the impact they can have just by drinking a cup of coffee.



I actually wore a sample of my tee at a coffee shop, I felt quite proud of my tee, and I drank out of a glass cup rather than double cupping a paper cup.


Nicely done T and message. Starbucks gives 10% off if you bring your own cup instead of using those gajillion disposable ones floating around the planet.



guess who!!


I never knew how much just these disposable cups contribute to pollution! The same for water bottles, water bottles may be even worse because of the plastic, but at least you can recycle those.

You can't recycle paper cups because of the polyethyline resin on the cups, and because of how landfills are maintained, in 20 years, that paper cup will probably look the same.


so preachy and missing the point entirely. We'll never be able to solve the problems that the world is facing by focusing on individual people making better consumer choices. The only way is to force strip the corporations that control this planet and manipulate our governments of their power.

Even if everyone in the US recycled, stopped driving their cars, switched to energy efficient lightbulbs, etc... We'd still be facing a climate catastrophe. That would only cut our CO2 output by 20%, and in ten years we'd be in the same place as if we'd never made those changes. And that's IF you can get every person in the country to agree to make all those changes, which we all know is impossible.

Screw recycling! We need a god-damned revolution!


well small changes are better than no changes. Obviously it's the big corporate companies that are responsible for most of the pollution but I'm not part of that and I can't change them so.. I do my part and hopefully, others are aware of their impact, albeit small, and perhaps it'll create some sort of snowball effect.

Either way, it's better than nothing!


I don't think so. I think focusing on these small changes just keeps us from seeing the magnitude of the problem and making the complete paradigm shift that will allow us to save ourselves and the planet. If we all pat ourselves on the back while installing energy efficient lightbulbs and recycling our newspapers, we remain pacified. That's why big companies like GE are often behind these bullshit green solutions. They make money selling us shit we dont' need, like energy efficient expensive lightbulbs, and meanwhile they still get to pollute the planet, sell us even more shit we don't need, make hundreds of billions of dollars off our war for hegemony in Iraq, etc...


But great job on bringing your own glass mug and not "double cupping"! now go pat yourself on the back and burry your head in the sand again.


Very very good message. I love it.


Sunshine, this is not the place, I think. This is about the SHIRT, which is fabulous and sends a message of positive action. A kind reminder of how to do the things you love differently, certainly making more of an impact than taciturn comments flung at well-meaning artists about burying their heads in the sand.


Wonderful shirt, love the message, thank you for making it. $5 for sure.



I don't like burying my body parts in the sand, it gets messy.

But I do like cheese pizza actually all dressed. yummy.


hey jesssss :P


If this is the place to submit a design like this and feel superior for bringing your own mug to Starbucks, than I think this is the place for me to say why it's bullshit. The idea that these little changes can make a difference stops us from seeing the true magnitude of the problem, and they aren't going to solve anything even if EVERY person made these changes. Just because I don't have the solution doesn't mean I can't say this is bullshit. It's symbolism over substance.

Enjoy your cheese pizza while the planet burns and cows suffer with mastitis in crowded dairy farms and have their calves turned into veal.

Anyway, the design reminds me of a credit card, and I think it's a bit ugly.


yikessss the comments are rough man!
i think the t-shirt is cool but im not too sure if i'd wear it though.

im giving it a 3


i think this works as a poster, not really a shirt


eek! its tense in here!
i like the shirt, i like the message, i think its delivered well, i might wear it (still new to wearing tees with stuff on them, usu just a plain tee kinda girl)
also giving it a 3, good luck!


At first, I thought it was a pretty average design, albeit one with a good message. Then I read the comments. You've been bumped up to $5.


Sunshine, I didn't say what you said is not true, but I still try and not be pessimistic at the world and life.

What do you to reduce your carbon footprint sunshine?

Yak Herder

The coffee cup list o' ingredients should have some destitute Guatemalan peasants in it too.


ah yes, didn't think of it. I chose to highlight this environmental problem that is overlooked that is all.

It was my first submission.

Something against credit cards too?


love it! great message, nice graphic.


I'm vegan. I have a vegetable garden. I try to buy food in bulk. I bicycle instead of driving. And none of that will make a difference. I may have started out believing as you do, but now I do those things because I enjoy them not because I think reducing my personal carbon footprint makes a difference.

Think of it this way. If you had a cancerous tumor, would you rather your doctor tell you that you're fine and that taking some sugar pills will make you better? Or would you rather have him tell you the truth, that it will kill you unless it is removed, and that even then, it still might kill you.Would you rather believe a fairy tale because it is consoling and helps you feel optimistic? Or would you dare to face the cold, hard, ugly truth and deal with it?

Yes, I have something against credit cards. It allows stupid people to spend money they don't have, get themselves into debt that they can't repay, use their houses as ATM machines, cashing out the equity to repay these insane credit card debts, and allowing preditory lenders to further rip them off so that they can't afford the house payements when their subprime mortgage adjusts, ending up in people at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder losing their homes.


@sunshine if everyone changes their lifestyle it will have a huge positive impact. Also for your cancer story, would you rather just die or seek necessary treatment which in turn could lengthen your life and possibly remove the cancer completely? I think you rather take the needed actions to push back doomsday as much as possible.


that's my point. these little changes (like using glass cups instead of paper), no matter how many people do them, they aren't going to solve our problems. You're kidding yourself if you believe otherwise. Corporate greed and insane governmental environmental policy are to blame for our current situation, and they have somehow convinced us individuals to take the blame for it. The solution they propose? Bullshit like changing our showerheads or turning down the thermastat in the winter. But even if everyone made all the changes, we'd still be headed for global cimate disaster.

Unfortunately, we've been told this fairy tale for so long, that people believe it. So no, it won't have a huge positive impact. It won't push back doomsday. Corporate greed and governmental corruption are the problem. Addressing those issues is the solution.


I hate when people talk in circles!!! Yes, we as humans have taken this world and manipulated a bunch of shit... a revolution is coming... my guess is 2020. 1920 was the last depression in America, 100 years is long enough for us to live like this. Consumerism has taken the hearts and minds of humanity and given it something fresh, without history to judge from. There is no way to address those issues because they control the issue. However, if someone were to convince the United Nations that every governmental system should be abolished under some well worked out policy for basic rights for life.


LOL didn't finish my sentance-- ... then the world could be a better place


Nice shirt! $5


I am not denying what you are saying sunshine, not at all. I agree BUT I chose to address an environmental issue that people don't realize impacts the environment (ie paper cups). And a lot of people I know take their morning coffees to go, in one or even two of these everyday. Coffee drinking seems to be such an urban thing and I loved the fact that I could display them on a tee shirt since I love my tees, I guess another urbanite type of thing.

And yea, our generation is very aware that the baby boomers like destroyed the world, so we're doing what we can to not reverse the problem.. but at least slow it down. We young ones are smarter than you think. I believe that small changes and AWARENESS can definitely add up in the long term, not to reverse what has been done, but to eventually get to the main point of the problem which are the big guns in their nice big chairs.

It's just people aren't aware, once they start to be aware that all of their small changes contribute to the deterioration of the planet and doomsday, whatever you feel like calling it, THEN they can make a change, have a voice, and when more people know, then maybe then we'll have our godamned revolution.

Til then, I do what I can because it's better than making things worse. It's a start. It's what I can do as an individual, as a consumer.


and I just realized if people started not using paper cups let's say, which isn't realistic but let's say, or at less people use them, we will be directly "attacking" the corporate industry of paper making cup whatever thingies. Just a note.


I'm not saying that people aren't aware. I'm saying channel your energy into something that can actual make a difference. I'm saying these small changes add up to a big pile of nothing. We need BIG changes NOW. We can't wait for the momentum of small changes in our consumer choices to magically inspire people that they actually need to demand big changes of the way our government is structured.

And no, the baby boomer generation did not like destroy the world. The destruction was set in motion long before that. We're doomed because our global economy runs on consumption, and has from before the time Columbus ever set foot in the Bahamas. Maybe we were doomed from the evolution of our large brains and opposable thumbs. Look at those crazy Easter Islanders who deforested their island to build huge statues commemorating their dead chiefs.

We were doomed recently by our government deciding to hand out corporate charters left and right in the beginning of the 20th century. Before that, most charters were granted for the purposes of large civic projects (like building a bridge) or starting a colony (Hudson Bay Company). Corporations aren't a person, they're a legal entity that is recognized as existing seperate from any of the members of the corporation. They're machines whose program is to maximize profits.

I don't think what you're doing is better than making things worse. It's the status quo. The situation continues to worsen despite your little efforts. We need a complete paradigm shift. How can we have that if people insist on believing that we can save the world by bringing our own cups to Starbucks? As I keep saying, these little changes don't add up.


Alright sunshine, this discussion is great and we are all entitled to our own opinions, but I think the comments should be kept for the design of the tee from now on.

Thank you everybody for scoring!


I like the message; I like the simplicity of the design. It took me a while to realize that the first thing on the second panel was the squashed paper cup, though.
I don't drink coffee anyway, but I am trying to be more careful about water bottles and similar disposeables.


haha... wow drama... $5


Very interesting discussion on this design! I gotta say...if everyone made even small changes today we may all be able to benefit from our actions in the future! $5


I don't know if I like the black text, since the only other thing on the shirt that's black is that oil rig. I think I'd like it to be on a colored shirt with white letters, to maybe match the white of the plus signs.

Also, I didn't recognize that as a crushed cup at first...

jonasbmf profile pic Alumni



sunshine, i like how your name doesn't match your outlook on life. while i agree with some things you say, you are way too pessimistic and the world needs people who are willing to make the changes necessary. why would you want to sit on your ass waiting for this so called "revolution" that the world needs...i think you're a shitload of talk.


oh, and by the way, i love the shirt! great message - i wish more people would bring their own mugs to coffee places.


Abolton, who said I'm sitting on my ass waiting for a revolution? I spent the last year working for Dennis Kucinich's campaign. I think you've completely misinterpreted everything I said because you're still in denial. The problems are a lot bigger than recycling and light bulbs. I'm not at all sitting on my ass waiting for a revolution. I'm trying to make the revolution happen and have been since 1984, when I worked for Freeze Voter at the end of the Cold War era.

I'll accept the label of pessimist, but I am not a defeatist or resigned to the fact that we're destroying our planet. I do believe it is possible for us to improve our situation, but only if we stop believing in fairy tales and lies and the inevitability of a positive outcome. This is not the best of all possible worlds, but it can be better if we take meaningful action.


wow, pretty tense!
imagine if you guys met.. HA!
that would be a good show to watch.

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