Fast life in the city

  • by Didika
  • posted Apr 05, 2008

Watch this

not a good shirt design. it would take explanation for people to see what it is. the city does not pop out, the rail is too big, and the train is at a weird angle so it is hard to tell what it is. sorry.


do monorails actually exist for real in any towns?????


I was just about to say, this reminds me of Sydney! Especially with the psuedoskinny-Centrepoint Tower in the background.


There's a monorail in Seattle, Washington.


Yeah, I'm from Seattle, and we got one. Thus I really like the idea, but agree the design needs refinement.

graphics creative

great design ^_^ i love this colors and style so much


Needs moar city. points to hardly-visible buildings

Yak Herder

I think there are also monorails in Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook.


more city, and the rail NOT end in the armpit


I dig to the power of 5.


i like it but i don't like how it ends on sleeve

Douglas McIntosh

Excellent perspective.

Perfect for Seattle or Sydney people... Just make the cityscape more visible and/or larger and more recognizable as one of those places.
Also make sure the city background and the shirt aren't so similarly shaded... Then just lift up the whole image a little so the monorail ends at
the shoulder instead the arm pit.

Don't listen to the critics!.. You're definitely on the right track...And do not define the monorail more,either... Anyone with half a brain will recognize what it is,quick.

Captain Tetanus

good to see something done with monorails. They're really cool looking.


smaller rail, continue detail onto sleeve! and a little more detail on train, maybe lights in city... otherwise good work..


Douglas, would anyone really want something that looks like it's trying to be a tourist shirt by making the design look more like a specific city?

Sydney's monorail is 20 years old and pretty scraggy so I certainly wouldn't want a t-shirt looking like it's trying to promote it.

I like the perspective and colours of the design, and just a little tweak in the placement would be a good improvement.

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