Mild Mannered Reporter

  • by choc_tpot
  • posted Apr 02, 2008

Just an idea. Any thoughts???

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Just an idea. Any thoughts???


Needs work but omg thats awesome!


i'd add a tie, and straighten the button down line. awesome. i'd buy three.


Cool, a tie, thats a cool idea


Cool, a tie, thats a cool idea


great idea! i would wear it! you just have to work on the graphics to make it look better


Ok I'll work on it now.

Something more realistic do you think? Or just straighten things up a bit?


This made me laugh! If you make it more realistic it could be a hit :-)


its a cool shirt. I also think it does need work - even I cant really say what to change, sorry - but I do like the idea!


I added the tie and a few more shadows.

I also fixed the mistake on version one where it didn't fasten properly (nobody noticed that one!!!)


I like it! What if it was a white t?


I did try it but I just hate white tees. This just felt a little bit more subtle


yeah i see what you mean about the angle. I'll work on that


I really like this, but not with the tie, probably because it's not realistic enough, it's not really long enough i suppose?

Does it need a shirt pocket? There is a reluctancy to put any designs into threadless that are on white, but maybe this one could be just the shirt we were waiting for???


Haha, looks pretty cool.


yeah i like this color instead of white. A pocket is possible. Maybe u can try to put it on the templates to see how it look?


Love love love it. Probably it is little enough of the logo to avoid copyright issues, too; at least I hope so because I want one!


Really cool idea. Possibly add a pocket with some pens sticking out?

zenbolic vision

final touches and ur ready to go good work check mine if u got time


Yeah I'll work on the open part of the shirt and maybe add a pocket. I think adding a longer tie would make the design too big. Should the tie be patterned or something?

DJ Jean Luc

reminds me of Andy Mints owner of FCW he is normally just the owner of a clothing manufacturer but then he also does other stuff like get angry for being inside, give away 12 free hats and play hockey


wow, I love it.
I don't think the tie should be patterned, it's great!

DJ Jean Luc

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Anyone else have any suggestions? I'm going to add a pocket on the right, but 'm not sure what to do with the tie?


i like this! I also agree about making the shirt look more naturally open. Try doing somethign like this with the tie. This could make it look more realistic and like the wearer is in a hurry to help that damsel in distress.


Cool idea to change the tie. I think tis turned out really well.

Let the feedback commence...


Well you didn't need to trace the other tie exactly.. I liked how thin your previous tie was and am not a big fan of the width of this one.

The width also makes the tie look short. The picture you based this tie off of was longer (but you couldn't see it because it was cut off).


yeah sure. I thought that tie in the pic was perfect so seemed silly not to use it.

I can go thinner, but for obvious reasons I can't go longer.


I actually like the tie this width, seems like Clark Kent the reporter would be wearing a thicker tie on the way to work. The collar opening also looks a lot better in this version.
Someone else pointed out that there might be copyright issues, and I think that's my main concern with this design.


"Someone else pointed out that there might be copyright issues, and I think that's my main concern with this design."

it is a cute design, but i thought the same


The pixelation is just in the size reduction. In the full res the tie is as smooth as an eel.

I definately prefer this loosened tie to the hanging tie in V2. It feels much more 'Clarke' to me. And I went a little thicker on the tie to give it a kind of Christopher Reeves late 70's look.


I was hoping that there was enough of the logo covered to get through the copyright issue. If it proves a problem then I suppose I'll have to make a slighty more generic 'S'.


i really like this third version! the tie is at an interesting angle... very nice.

stephendm profile pic Alumni

That is seriously excellent!! I really hope you don't have to refine the 'S' if there are copyright issues. One minor thing is I would lower the pocket though - it's far to close to the drawn collar but either way..submit this without a doubt!

Cheers for the feedback on mine, btw!

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I don't mean to come down on this, as it's really nicely designed; but someone has submitted a shirt exactly like this before.

They named it something I can't remember, so I can't find it. I'm just telling you now, because it's inevitable, someone is going to find the other one, post the link in your submission and then people are going to compare yours to theirs to the detriment of both designs.

I can't remember if yours looks better than the other, but it is indeed well designed.


I think the second one is much better. The tie looks weird on this one....Keep the color and everything on the second one, except adding the pocket and the folds on the shirt


needs another button


Cute idea! If this got printed I'd buy one for my daughter- she loves Superman, LOL!


Really cool, I like the tie the way it is. And this works better than v1 and v2. Add another button or two, and I'd say it's ready for submit!
Thanks for the feedback, by the way.


Seems like opinion is divided over the new tie. I;m really pleased with it. I think the only amendments I might make is to narrow the tie a touch, nudge the pocket down, and maybe add another button or 2.

If this has been done before I'd love to see the original crit if anyone can remember it

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