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Fairytales and tea, two of my favorite things. The print would be plastisol white ink on a blue jean shirt to remind us of Wedgewood ceramics. Kitsch forest animals for your joy - I hope you like this first sub. nostalgia!

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Fairytales and tea, two of my favorite things. The print would be plastisol white ink on a blue jean shirt to remind us of Wedgewood ceramics. Kitsch forest animals for your joy - I hope you like this first sub. nostalgia!


i think it would do better in the running if you made it a boy and a girl. but, i like your work. 4.


i would like it better on a different color personally. very pretty though


awesome first submission, do more! :D
yeah i agree with Sittingintheshade, if it was a boy and girl it'd tell more of a story,
and also, if this is supposed to be set at twilight, maybe try darker colours? like a purple shirt with dark pruple ink? just a thought,

but reallllyy nice job


love it. especially the all white.


Like the Wedgewood colors


I like how the design almost perfectly encases the models boobs.

Wouldn't wear it but would def buy for another $4.


god i love your work!! me me me!!


"Would tell more of a story if it was a boy and a girl."


Because all sotries have to be heterosexual love stories? I really like the two girls, it can be an innocent friendship scene, or something more, and up to the viewer. I like that the two girls means that the focus is not all on the humans.


this is very cool.

my "future" kids..must wear this


I love this, and I'd wear it!


five *


Wedgewood Jasperware is the reference for the blue, but those plates came in a range of colours (my mum has fair collection), all in fairly dusky shades of pink, lavender, blue, greens and yellow and more. As well as the inverse of a white background with the design in colour or colour on colour too.... So the shirt doesn't have to be blue, but most people would be most familiar with the blue

God it's embarrassing that I know all that.


i think it would be better if it was a girl and a boy. Also, i think the color needs to change. I liked the 'purple on purple' idea that someone presented, but other colors would work too


yay! happy to see this submitted :)

i think the figures are androgynous enough.



Awwww cute! $5 for adorableness, even though I wouldnt wear it myself, I would like to see others in it!


I think Frickinawesome has a good idea. I almost commented that I wish the bottom wasn't such a straight line across, and having everything against a teapot in the background would help and really bring this together. Still love it as is, though.


there's a hedgehog! definitely 5!


Gorgeous clean style. Especially love the whimsical details in the trees - the key, the clock, the moon! But I agree that the flat bottom doesn't suit a t-shirt so well.


spiders! $5

Yak Herder

I love this. Please don't do the boy/girl thing; the figures are perfect how they are.


I agree, the spiders are a nice touch. They push this one up to wearability for me :)


word, Tylwythtegs and Yak Herder. nice illustration–don't change a thing.


thanks for all the comments. I haven't been online for a few days, so I only just discovered this was in the running. yay! thanks for voting. I kind of like the giant teapot idea.. I guess changes can be made if it is voted up for print.


as a man, i can't see myself wearing this, but it is a great design so i'll still give it high marks.




I lovee ittt! only not too big a fan of this color of blue

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

Awesome, and it looks great on the shirt!

jasmintee profile pic Alumni

beautiful use of one color!!


I LOVE the fact that the characters are ambiguous... they could be boys OR girls and it doesn't matter. I love love love that, thank you so much!

it might be a little bit too symmetrical for me, but other than that, fabulous! $5.


this is perfect. i LOVE it.


If you don't print this, I will die.


so.. a lot of people don't like this tee colour, what would you suggest? purple on purple sounds good....
please bear in mind when voting that katmckeon is going to die if it isn't printed! ^o^


love the design! the colors are aight. purple is supposedly "in" now. a sage green would complement the design well, too.


Love it! Great use of colours - definitely buy his one!


i love this! would deff buy it!


This is great. Retrosweet and fairytalesque, yet somehow it makes me think something bad/creepy's going to happen to the innocent lil tea-drinkers. Love the details too, especially the key and the moon strung up in the trees. I'd totally wear this.

I'd like to see what it looks like with FA's teapot idea too.

And it's perfect colour combination too - reminds me of fine china and Alice In Wonderland. Add some Wedgewood pastels maybe, but don't change that blue!


thanks.. I do prefer the blue, but maybe a lot of people prefer darker shirts..
I love that you said alice in wonderland, it is my favorite.


Now this is perfect. Good one susan lee. $5

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