He made me do it

I really like this idea. Will change font and clean up drawing. Does it work?

Watch this

I really like this idea. Will change font and clean up drawing. Does it work?


Yeah thank you, opening the mouth is exactly what it needs.


this is a rly cute idea, but i agree the colors clash a bit, and the text could be better

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needs more of a theme. what did she do? is the left hand an abusive boyfriend? work on it.


i get it, and i think it's pretty funny. maybe make the font something sans, so it doesn't look so formal. the wrist and fingers look a little funny, maybe just clean it up a bit. and yeah, diffferent colors, and change the shirt color too. right now she looks like ronald mcdonalds wife.


Ok advice taken, new version!


I don't understand what made the hand do what?-


People either get it immediately or don't at all. The joke is in the fact that the owner of the hand made it do it. But if you have ever seen a ventriloquist, the goal is to make the puppet seem as though they have their own personality and autonomy. I don't want to clarify what the hand did either. It's kind of like a personality test. Some people will think dirty thoughts others think petty crime, the fun is in the guessing.


Hair or no? Not the original hair, something different, let me know.


Like the idea, but the hand still needs a bit of work. Search google for hands, I'm sure you can find one in that shape to help make it look better.

The color change really helps, Brown would be a good hair color with the green shirt, but I think the overall idea would be better with blonde hair.


very original, I think it would be good on a kid's tee.


I cannot ignore a demand of "Rate Me" so here I am.

I assume you want some critique so here I go. The first thing that strikes me is that the colors are a bit, for lack of a better way to say it, sickening. The green combined with a yellow that leans more to green than red just doesn't work. I'd suggest going with a more orangy yellow (think Simpson's yellow) or even just using a skin tone. As far as the illustration itself goes, it's not that strong. The lines are sloppy and look more like a quick tracing of a hand as than a good drawing of a hand. The highlight/shadow also doesn't look right and appears like a stripe rather than shading. Additionally I'd suggest considering using some brush strokes applied to your paths as opposed to the simple strokes you have. It can make a big difference. Finally the type, If you're going to use type as a title in a design it really needs to be carefully done. Preferable either a custom typeface or something with a bit more character and careful word and letter spacing. I'd also suggest using typographer's quotes as opposed to tick marks.

I hope that helps, good luck.


Nice idea,but I think the hand looks a bit plastic-like...


have u tried using a more photorealistic approach with the hand, like actually attaching all the features and lips etc to your own hand and photographing it. Also mess around with the typeface, the smooth flow of the hand clashes a tiny bit with the serif typeface. cheers.

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using a capital M makes me think of biblical text (ie. "He Made the Waters that Covered the Earth, then Firmament to Divide the Waters, then He Made Me Do It"). Lowercase m would be correct. A sans-serif typeface would look better, too.

Also, the joke is already being pushed along in one direction seeing as you've given the hand a gender and it's mentioning "he," and the phrase you used carries connotations of sexual assault.

So, uh. :/


Hmm... I like... but there is something off... and I'm not sure what. I'll get back to you.


i like it, but i think there should be some contrast between the color of the hand and the color of the shirt. also, the arm/hand looks small on the shirt...maybe it could be bigger?


the hand drawing is much much better than the orriginal, however i dont like the text. try drawing the text in some stylized way. also i would like to see some different color options for the shirt


Clever idea! - I agree about the text though. I think it needs some work. It looks a little bit like a generic typeface - try something more stylized.

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haha this reminds me of those dishsoap commercials. Cool idea, but the text needs some pizazz.

PS thanks for the comment on mine.


i think i like it with the tear


Ok, so I like this composition and color. The writing needs a little touch up but I feel really close. Still debating if hair will help or just clutter. You guys rock for all your comments and help.


I think hair could clutter it. I like it also gives me dirty thoughts.


Limon - filthy mind : P but i like it and i agree it would give off rather lude images in my youthfull brain. im liking the type more, maybe a bit more scratchy. hand render it and scan into illustratorCS3 if yo have it available and use the live trace tool.


Hand drawn text for sure. In fact what about having it written down the arm like it was done in magic marker. Would keep the shirt nice and focused with just the one image. And what about smearing the lipstick a little bit? Just a thought.


You freaking rock. Smearing the lipstick is a great idea! Writing on the arm would be all "cape fear" status. I'll test it out.


hahaha....tht's amazing...quite funny

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lol, like it, definatly go for the text on the arm


Not a fan of the orange/yellow arm. Maybe flesh-colored instead? Other than that, very cool.

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