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acid cat

simulated process means it can have an infinity amount of colours so don't worry about the 8 colour limit.

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apy profile pic Alumni

OMG!!!! It's just so amazing!! I'm in love with this design! It's the best presentation ever! wowowow!!! 5$


the presentation is killer!! but i dont think i woudl wear thee shirt

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

it's a new technology and they will print it far less than simulated process as not to 'abuse it'...

apy is right to, the presentation is great, but i kind of like it better than the design:D


If this breaks 200 comments threadless will have no choice but to print.

reneehartig profile pic Alumni

I want this shirt so bad, you are the bomb! 5's all around.


print, please.


5$ 5$ 5$ 5$ 5$ 5$ 5$

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Can I have a tshirt printed of a nerdy guy holding his cat and HE'S wearing that shirt, too?

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

maybe i should get some 2"pins printed of that guy holding the cat wearing the shirt...
y/n? haha


if anyone bought this i would be so disappointed..

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

hahaha, well no one has bought it because it's impossible to but it seems to me that a lot of people would like to buy it so be disappointed all you want.

the Flying Monkey project

Simmulated process still uses spot colour inks so your still limited to 8 colours. It just means that they use halftones of one screen against halftones of another screen to make up tonal veriation and shading in the print. Its a way of trying to silmulate a 'Process' or 'CMYK' print, hence the name "Simulated Process", and your design is atleast 9 colours.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

"If need be, we can simulate"process" (CMYK) to achieve very fine gradients or images with high tonal quality such as stylized photography or photo-realistic elements"

and that sounds to me like anything goes...

spires profile pic Alumni

people don't deserve you! $5


i love the dude holding the cat.

the Flying Monkey project

You just repeated what I said. stylized...Its still relying on the image being 8 colours or less, The fact of the matter is the carosel it will be printed on will be limited to 8 heads, thats 8 screens, 8 films, 8 colours. Dude don't give me shit This is my job, I work in a screen printing workshop, I know what Im talking about.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i'm not your dude and i'm not giving you shit, but from what I UNDERSTAND, a process that uses CMYK can pretty much print everything.

if that's not the case then i'll cry.

the Flying Monkey project

"Silmutaed Process" and "CMYK" Process printing are two completly different was of printing one uses spot colours to make up the print, Thats simulated.
The other breaks up the image into Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black and White), this is CMYK.
Just make sure you know what your talking about


i love this. i would gladly give $10 if possible.


i want this now.

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

true true... you seem like a fantastically fantastic person and i don't know anything about you which is kinda wack..

i just gots a feeling!


I want a laser cat. $5


This is super cute - I would definitely wear it! $5

the ballet cats
the ballet cats profile pic Alumni

want to wear it right here right now


lol @ the flying monkey project.

I work as a graphic designer for a screen printing company as well, and this design is more than printable. Where do you work that your machines are limited to 8 heads?

Threadless' 8 color limit doesnt necessarily apply to simulated process. Even if there was 9 colors or whatever, I'm sure threadless' printer has 10 to 14 head machines, just like my company does.

The print may not end up being 100% true to the original artwork, but this more than printable


These colors are a bit hmm.. flashy...

ladrones profile pic Alumni

"Silmutaed Process" does not use spot colors!
stfu dude!

heyzus stephanie

this is pretty cool but it would have been fantastic if it showed the dude and the cat on it. i love cats! and creepy men!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

my two favourite things


again I love this as an art peice but I don't think I see self buying this. however it sure is different and reminds me alot of Laurel Birch, but I think if you keep following this style and you way of doing things different you'll end up at a t-shirt everyone will like no matter the gender.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i looked up laurel birch and we definitely make a lot of the same colour choices, and her stuff is pretty neat. also thanks for the encouragement.

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

Wow, I think this has gotta print now



i made a lame bulliten on myspace for people to vote for you so i could wear your stuff.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

aw gee! haha thanks a lot!
i emailed you about prints by the way...

jbyron profile pic Alumni

just checked out your web site. fantastic.
it's all sparkly and smiley. love your work.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni




Print this.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

What is this weird trend of jillions of comments and just totally suck ass scores? I hope you get a print, your stuff's just too awesome not to be printed.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

lol! PRINT!

mezo profile pic Alumni

I think most voters refrain from commenting, kooka, these are the same 0 or 5 ONLY voters Aka assdicks.

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