acid cat

simulated process means it can have an infinity amount of colours so don't worry about the 8 colour limit.

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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I just came back here to say i don't know HOW i forgot to put this on my current list of things i 4$ or 5$! I must say that i apologize for this complete neglectfulness and now have it up with the rest of the worthy to be printed horde on my list. Cheers to you and this wonderfulness ginette!

spacesick 2

this is stupid you are stupid I don't get it? 0$

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i'll $5 yours if you $5 mine.


Five dollars!


Oh man. This somewhat reminds me of these paintings of a cat by a man with schizophernia in my old psych book. That and some artwork I've seen on a Netural Milk Hotel website ages ago. Not to mention the days of eatting hallucinogens like they were candy.


hogboy profile pic Alumni

I actually really like this, I dont know what the whiners are on about. Probably needs more fwf for them to get it.

kcollantes profile pic Alumni

hypnocat wants a shrubbery


This actually does remind me of David Bain, I knew he looked familiar!


When you win, you should send him one.


rainbow gradients are my best friend!


$5 for sure.....i want this needs to be made now


The guy and cat are from Cute With Chris!

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

i like some of the pattern work, and the hand made feel but at the end of the day it doesn't feed any compulsion within me to buy it...

i think this kind of stuff works better on dodgy hand knits... you obviously have talent and call me uncool but this ain't for me, i dare say that sooner or later you will do something i absolutely love, and your website is commendably fresh but at the moment i think most of the love you are getting is based on potential and your maverick hand...

part of the problem i see you initially having is keeping
your really fresh aesthetic using spot colours because a lot of your works charm lies in subtle transitions and it's quite clear threadless doesn't like to print using simulated process...

anyways... keep subbing, partially ignore the bad scores your going to get and strike gold sooner than later...

oh and that zine cover is awesome by the way!!!


i told you it would get printed and you would get designer of the year. watch! (leaves the room)

noponies profile pic Alumni

yes, yes yes, yes yes, eys, sey!


greaaaaat job!!
i love!

ladrones profile pic Alumni

i agree with andreas on the point of trying to replicate this look and effect with vectors, the print is more likely and on top of that
it will look way way way better if all the things are screened.

especially with some nice thin water based inks

i want over a hundred comments!
poo poo on you!


Love the design and the colors. Your presentation is great!


katz on acied... nice!


I hope that teh kitteh's laserbeam-eyes vanquish the votards, but alas on my home planet this sort of thing just doesn't happen.

However, I've obeyed your instructions and have $5'ed this sucka.

Good luck!

mezo profile pic Alumni

So fresh & so clean (clean).


i want it on the purple sweatshirt :(


Bloody Great! Reminds me of this one time on shrooms...

$$ FIVE $$


this is awesome
you have a great style

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i honestly still can't believe all the great feedback
thankssss all a' ya'z guys.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

can i have this yet?


i thought this was a joke, not my thng

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

would you like it if it was a joke?


i would buy it, nice work!!

quister profile pic Alumni

c'mon, irradiated felines with diamonds in their heads has been done a 1,000 times. There all over New Orleans and the Keys. I'll give this a $5 though because I don't like standing out or drawing attention to myself and it adds to my collection.

@Andreas, ^ "it's quite clear threadless doesn't like to print using simulated process..." I'm not following you, threadless just introduced simulated print, have they cited problems with it or something?

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i didn't understand that comment about simulated process either... :s and certainly hope there's not much truth to it because i like the possibilities the printing process encourages.


I really like this

quister profile pic Alumni

Me too, and Andreas had proposed using it in a design he did for love's revolution. I hope he gets back to us, maybe start a blog about simulated print process? Sorry to go on during scoring.


i want this on a purple hanes sweatshirt. extra points if the sleeves are too short, and if threadless gets them from the thrift store so they're extra skeezy looking. effen rocks.


it saddens me that this is your only design up currently, because i don't like it nearly as much as your other designs. in fact, it kind of gives me a headache...and scares the shit out of me, but keep up the rest of the good work, eh?

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

aw that is sad because there is more coming and they are all pretty seizure inducing.


aw, well, everyone else seems to really like it, so hopefully you will get a print :)





This is so super frickin sweet.. total Dan Deacon "crystal cat" style... You're awesome!!

"J-Ray on Apr 04 '08 I want the photo of that guy with the cat ON the shirt. "


apy profile pic Alumni

OMG!!!! It's just so amazing!! I'm in love with this design! It's the best presentation ever! wowowow!!! 5$


the presentation is killer!! but i dont think i woudl wear thee shirt

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