Scholarship! please help a fellow artist out


I'm not really sure if I can post this here or not, but I really need everyone's help.
My friend is up for a $20K scholarship and all you have to do is click on the link and vote for her [SYLVIA LIU] It doesn't cost you anything! just a minute of your time

She's an amazing artist and she got into a prestigious art school, but she needs some more financial aid to pay for it. Please click the link to learn more about her. [There's a link to pictures of her art]

Oh yeah, if you make an account, your vote will count as two votes, so pleaaaaaase do it. It only takes a minute. You can change her life with your vote :]
Each person can only vote once though.. they will disqualify people for cheating if they notice that they get a lot of votes from the same IP addresses.

^facebook group

examples of her work

Watch this
lemon nuggets

p.s. please help spread the word!! :D

lemon nuggets

thanks! I really appreciate your vote and I'm 100% sure Sylvia does too :]


I'm already a zinch member :) done!

jet approves

just created an account and voted.



lemon nuggets

thanks guys!! you guys rock :D

lemon nuggets

T_T she's loosing right now.. and there's only like 10 hours left PLEASEEEE HELP AND SPREAD THE WORD! thanks!

lemon nuggets

ahh sorry I keep bumping this thread, but I really want her to win! She really deserves it.


Hope she gets it. The top picture is smashing, & I have the trainers in the bottom pic!

Andreas Mohacsy
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the top pic and the fact you care enough about her gets my vote...

the condition is that she creates an account hear and subs atleast once....

good luck:D

lemon nuggets

:] I'll tell her! haha

Please help me spread the word. I really think the deserves this scholarship!! [plus she really needs it]

thanks for voting!


Sharing is caring.

jet approves

she's only behind by 5 votes!


Registered and voted. Good luck to your friend! :)

lemon nuggets

thanks for the votes! and thanks for bumping jet approves! :D

jebbie, all you have to do is click the link and then click "vote me!" under Sylvia Liu's little profile

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