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Thanks, everyone!

Thanks for all the positive comments and thanks a ton for all the votes! Also, thanks to Threadless for printing this and creating such a great community for designers.

Watch this

Well thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful design with us. I can't wait to wear this on Tuesday. I'm bound to get a great reaction from my classmates and strangers alike! :D


This reminds me of Battlestar Galactica (2003).
Episode 313: taking a break from all your worries.


read my blog. its about your design sir.

so shy is a good deed in a weary world.


Hilarious! I'd consider wearing it, but I'd be a bit worried about the sporting something with gay innuendo around San Francisco. ;)

Great Job, and congrats!


WOW, so exciting that your in the top 20! Fabulous!!!!! :) Good luck! Rachelle :)


The irony and pop reference is A1. Very powerful and unforgetable image design, contrast galore, humor and relevant to our times. To me it has the same lasting impression as the "Andre the Giant" OBEY image.


Congrats man!!!
God job.


Hey those are the robots the artist Eric Joyner used in his paintings. You didnt get your t shirt idea from him did you?
I just sorta thought is was a bit disrespectful. but hey idk.
Check out his 2006 paintings.

paulburgess profile pic Alumni

LaSouris, I've never heard of Eric Joyner (just checked his site) but they are, in fact, the same robots. They are the famous Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots which was a really popular toy when I was a kid. But no, I didn't get the idea from him.

Judging from his site it looks like all his painting use real toys (or robots from movies) as inspiration for his paintings. All those robots are based on real toys you could buy at one time or another.

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