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Red Rebel

Put the P on the back.


There is already a scrabble shirt, but I like this one too.


I agree with Red Rebel!


yeah, putting p on the back would make it much more awesome


Totally. Cute.

We Could Be Astronauts

no text like kinkythought said or atleast some proper speech bubbles. i hate those stripes you made, for me a prove you were sitting there in the night just trying to finish it!
but I still like it alot


I'd leave the "where's P?" but get rid of all the other text... and then I'd buy several! Love the idea.


yea, put the P on the back


i agree to lose the text... except "where's p?"


Yeah - agree with the above comments. Let the letters speak for themselves. Scrabble fans will get it. The P on the back would be really cool.


Yep... put the p on the back and take off the extra text. I'd buy THAT shirt.


no text and put the p on the back right shoulder


yeah actually I agree that you should get rid of all the text besides wheres p...also...i know that I am probably the only one who doesn't get it but what is it that you are trying to spell out...its probably really obvious

Bears Are Scary

to madenew
psychic and yea if you put a speech bubble over wheres p and dropped the other text then that would be awesome and as far as the P placement i think it would be great either way

Lady Oracle

I agree with what everyone else has been saying--put the P on the back, and lose all the text except for "where's p?", but cute design!

briancook profile pic Alumni

Yeah....but I bet there's nowhere to put "psychic" on the board. That's what always happens to me.


yes yes i agree
- speech bubbles
- no text, except for "where's p" in a nice, comical font
- p on back

other than that, love the idea (:


I agree with mesmerdesu.

Also, I think you should call this AWOL, instead of MIA. it makes more sense.


I ALSO agree with the P on the back-getting rid of the text, but leaving the "where's P?".
Then it would absolutely fantastical!


Love the design but the text bubbles need to go...except the "where's p"


Love the shirt i would totally buy it. But i definitely agree that it would be better if you put in the changes everyone has suggested. (P on the back and the only text being "where's P"?)


I agree with Knitmongrel.
I don't get why it's saying 'Ahhhhh'

Leona Beth

^ its saying ahhhh cos its releif when taking a pee!


cute and absurd
love it


Hmmm.... too much going on. The final joke is another concept all its own.


There's a lot going on in this design. If you would want people staring at you and constantly asking questions then this is for you. I don't think this shirt was meant to be too simple though, so it is a good design overall.


This idea might be too complicated. Definitely lose the text above the letters. And what are you trying to say with this? Like, why the word "psychic?" What does that have to do with the letter P going pee? It's very close to being great, but just needs some revision and thought.


wow, great feedback for the design, it'd be a lot better with some of the above mods!


oh, is p peeing? i get it now.

i agree that the p should go on the back (maybe with a urinal? maybe not peeing at all)

Maz - i think the word is "psychic" because it's a very high scoring word (esp. on a triple-word score), and it allows the pee joke to work.

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