I Love Seattle

  • by Cascadia
  • posted Mar 14, 2008

The rain, the music, the caffeine rush... who doesn't love Seattle? Beautiful by day and by night.

Watch this

The rain, the music, the caffeine rush... who doesn't love Seattle? Beautiful by day and by night.


After I submitted this design, I realized I should have placed it on sky blue instead of white for the "daytime" shirt. Anyway, try picturing it on sky blue as it is in the larger illustration.


I'm not actually sure... I don't get downtown much. The last time I was at the Space Needle, I just remember some guy with liquid nitrogen who was making freeze-dried roses for passersby. It's certainly a wonderful city to see.

Jessica L

what happens to the edges? i like your style, but as is, it seems misplaced on a shirt. i think you need to fiddle with placement and the edges of the design, and then you'd really have something!


hey baby i hear the blues a'callin tossed salads and scrambled eggs


The edges of the design end at the side seams of the shirt (or where they'd be if there are no edges). Alternatively, the design can be printed "as is" in rectangular form as in the original.


more like, the mold, the heroin and the transplanted californians...
haha, ahhh seattle, how i miss you,
the same as it ever was...


I love it. Great drawing style. I might have to 'borrow' your idea for my hometown!!!


Dammit, orwell...


I like it alot, but think it might be a bit too complex for the placement. But I still really like the rendering!


Wouldn't a slate grey T be appropriate - considering the climate? :)


aw, i heart this. i miss seattle! $5


Your target group is a bit narrow don't you think? Nice illustration though.


YAY SEATTLE!!!! =D $5!!!!


I'm from Indiana and I love it. of course, that may be due to the fact that I came of age during the grunge fad and Seattle has always held a near-mythic status in my mind, but still . . . this design is really cool. I'm reminded of some of the animation in Waking Life.


I was just working on a Seattle themed design the other day...

I like this one too...

What about the tower things at the science center, shouldn't they fit in this view of the city?


I love Seattle, and I love this shirt. The end.

mr moo

hell yeah! 206.


Aaah, Seattle, I love this shirt.

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