Girly 2XL, Squee! (or not)

  • by wundoroo
  • posted Mar 06, 2008

Well, I haven't been browsing Threadless lately, so sorry if this is belated - but I'm shocked. Threadless actually responded to my complaint about fat girls who want to wear girly tees and is actually offering 2XL sizes. I'm going to have to order a shirt soon!

Watch this

but they're still smaller than you think! Trust meeeee.


I think they should label Girly Tees..... "Girly Junior Tees" because honestly they're cut for pre-pubescent girls.

In just about every dept store on earth I wear a "Medium" top, but at Threadless I wear Girly XL (or i may try 2XL now). Its a little humbling to have to buy Girly XL sizes but I mentally have labeled them "Junior / Highschool" sizes and I get over it.


I agree. I wear about a size 4 - am 5'4 and about 110lbs and girly XL is the only one that isn't totally constricting around my chest (B). They all fit in the waist, but every one is tight across the chest and hips. The only place with worse sizing is DBH. It's pretty damn unrealistic.


i just buy the guys sizes, but i like the longer sleeves and waist


stretch it out. i bought mediums thinking they would fit nicely.. to find they were too huggy around my waist. so i just put my arms inside the shirt and stretch across ways. it's helps!!

but lesson learnt.. i bought a LOAD of large shirts.
i hope that'll be ok.


the 2x r still snug. WTF who is trying on these tees.


Agreed that the girly sizing is a joke. It's made for pretty much pre-pubescent girls with no breasts, no hips, nothing.


Sadly, you were right starkrazi and citrouille. I finally bought a shirt (not the one above), and the new threadless brand 2XL felt almost tighter then the old AA XL. And yes mallyboo I always employ the stretching technique otherwise these would be beyond skin tight.

How are the sleeve lengths on the new guys threadless tees? The main reason I don't buy guys tees are that the sleeves are always too long.

I guess I have to start asking for a girly 3XL. My squee has been squelched.


I didn't know this! I'm going to make sure to buy men's sizes when I start ordering stuff!


I buy a mens medium and find it fits me perfectly, but I prefer the longer sleeves (don't quite hit the elbow?). One day I will upload photos.

I have some girly XL (AA, not new ones) and with the whole curve issue, some images can get seriously distorted.


It really doesn't make sense to me - the AA sizing was unrealistic, but I at least knew what things fit like. The new t-shirts are not synchronous with the advertised measurements and really, did we need to be more unrealistic about what a girly XL should be sized like?


i'm short (5'1") but not all that small weight wise (125-130ish) and a medium fits me just fine. it's tight across the bust, but it isn't constricting.
i don't know why someone that is 110 would need an XL.

note - my experience is based on the older shirts. are the threadless shirts that much different?

i have a men's small (ordered it for my brother and it was too small for him) but it is way too long and the sleeves are too long... but i'm 5'1"
a taller woman could probably get away with it.

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